• Synchronous Instruction

    • Teachers will take attendance and do some form of live, direct instruction every day.  Teachers will also use the “classwork” time frame to do small groups or remediation with students who need individualized help or support.  Teachers will have afternoon ‘Office Hours’ for students who need additional help or instruction.  

      Attendance will be taken during live synchronous sessions. Students are considered in attendance by participating in the live synchronous session. Students who are absent (meaning they did not sign in to Teams during live instruction) will follow the same process used prior to Universal Remote Learning to excuse those absences.   

      • Teachers will note absences, grades, or incomplete/missing assignments in Infinite Campus.  
      • Excused or unexcused absence standards will remain the same as will any processes regarding makeup work.

      Note: Attendance/Grades will continue to be posted in Infinite Campus