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    Future Foundation is continuing to provide consistency, support, and unconditional love to our students and their families, who are relying on us—their Second Family—more now than ever before.


    In 2001, the Future Foundation was born. What started with 15 fourth and fifth graders today serves more than 500 students annually in grades 6-12—with 100 percent of the students who have completed the program graduating from high school.

    Focused on the target community of South Fulton, together we are leveling the playing field for youth caught in the cycle of generational poverty by serving as a Second Family. Because we focus on low-performing schools in this one community our partnerships and relationships are deep.

    We work with youth who are facing an uphill battle to a stable adulthood, and we help them identify their potential through four key activities:

    • Use multi-year after-school and summer programming as a hub to coordinate programs and services for kids and their parents, with an emphasis on relationships, health, life skills, academics, and family.


    • Work with credentialed and proven partners across sectors to provide the interventions students and their families need.


    • Serve as a second family to students, helping fill the space when family members are absent and offer necessary supports when they are present.


    • Provide services in a specific school cluster, so we can work with partners to collectively measure outcomes, such as a change in graduation rates, to ensure effectiveness.



    The registration link goes as follows:

    Register Here



    Parents MUST register their students before being able to be served. We will be 100% virtual just like the school schedule until further notice.