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    The Raider Math Center is open for tutoring every day during ALL lunches. Please contact Alan Sohmer with any questions:

    Our grand opening was Wednesday, August 24th.


    Available Services during all lunches:

      1. One-on-one tutoring
      2. One-on-one calculator tutorials
      3. Workshops
      4. Writing center tutors available on “A” days
      5. We tutor more than just math in the math center. Below is a list of courses available this year for assistance in room 2264.


    • Math                    Science                     English
    • Algebra I                                  Chemistry                                                  AP lang.
    • Algebra II                                 Biology                                                      9th Lit.
    • Geometry                                Physics                                                     10th Lit.
    • AMDM                                     Environmental Science                             11th Lit
    • Pre-Calculus                           Economics                                                 12th Lit
    • AP Calculus                                                                                                AP Lit.
    • AP Statistics                                                                                               IB Lit.
    • IB Math AI
    • IB Math AA
    • SAT math
    • ACT math 


                1.   11:40-1:49 during All lunches on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

    2.   11:43-1:58 during all lunches on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


    The Raider Math Center is located in Room 2264

    Open during all lunches​. Contact Alan Sohmer, the Math Center advisor, with any questions:


    What is the Math Center?

    Established during Fall Semester 2018, the Math Center provides assistance with homework in many courses at Riverwood. Peer tutors can also help with calculators and test prep. The Math Center will host fun events and workshops throughout the year. Review games will reinforce key concepts. Similar to the Writing Center, every student​ can receive peer coaching and assistance with assignments.

    Twitter: @RICSMathCenter​) Instagram: @rics.mathcenter

    Writing Center

    The Raider Writing Center is open for tutoring every day during all lunches. Click on the Teams join code listed below during your lunch, have your computer and headphones ready, and join. Raider Writing Center Lunch Tutoring join code: Join Microsoft Teams MeetingAvailable Services during all lunches:

    1. one-on-one tutoring

    2. workshops

    3. asynchronous sessions – you submit a paper, and one of our amazing tutors will give written feedback and return it to you within 48 hours!

    • Hours

      The Raider Writing Center is in Room 2262 Open during all lunches and Wednesday mornings at 7:45am​. Contact Christy Toledano with any questions:

      What is the Writing Center?

      ​Entering its sixth year, every student​ can receive peer coaching and assistance with assignments in any course. Peer coaches receive training at Kennesaw State University using the Bedford Guide for Writing.  

      Students should complete the Writing Center Student​​ Request Form prior to visiting the Writing Center. Having the form completed in advance will ensure the most productive use of time during the help session. Students will need to obtain a hall pass to visit the Writing Center.​ Contact the Writing Center via email:

      Follow the Writing Center on Twitter: @​Raide​rWC and​ Instagram: @raiderwritingcenter

      The Raider ​Writing Center Club​:  DOXA
      The Doxa* student club, sponsored by the Raider Writing Center, offers the opportunity to work with other students to write short, opinionated pieces about any social issue. Students may choose to send their opinion pieces to newspapers and websites for publication. Stop by Room 2262 for more information

      *Doxa, a Greek word meaning common belief or popular opinion