TAG Overview

  • For more information about Fulton County's TAG program, please see the Advanced Studies page on the county's parent portal. For information about middle school transition, please see our Middle School Transition FAQ.


    There are over 40 teachers at Alpharetta High School that gifted or working on their gifted certification and are specially equipped to meet the needs of our gifted students. 


    The TAG program at Alpharetta High School offers its students each of Fulton County’s varied options for receiving gifted services. Below is a brief description of each of these options.
    • Advanced courses: All Advanced Placement courses and some honors courses taught by gifted certified instructors qualify qualify for gifted participation credit. The transcript reflects a numeric grade.

    • Directed Studies: The student conducts extensive research in a particular academic are OR completes a course from the Fulton county curriculum not being offered a given semester OR completes an Advanced placement course (depending on teacher availability) or online course through Georgia Virtual School that does not fit the student’s schedule. It is a daily class and the transcript reflects a numeric grade.

    • Career Internships (11/12th grades only): Businesses provide students with the opportunities to work with professionals in a field he or she is considering as a career. The student leaves school for one or two periods a day. The transcript reflects a numeric grade.

    • Seminars: Students meet for 14 contact hours with a TAG teacher, exploring an area of concentration not typically available in or beyond the regular course offerings.  These are currently being offered through Anchor Time.  The student may not miss more than two contact hours and must complete a satisfactory final, culminating project in order to earn TAG participation.  Seminars are  available first to students who are not being served in another way (i.e. any of the options listed above) and then are opened up to all TAG students. 

    • Individual projects: With the supervision of a teacher of the gifted, the student conducts in-depth research as an extension of a curriculum topic of their choice. The student meets with the gifted program teacher at least four times a semester. The transcript reflects credit/non-credit. Students not enrolled in an Advanced Placement or eligible honors course, or in Directed Studies or Internship, and who do not wish to attend a seminar, should contact Frank Fortunato (fortunatof@fultonschools.org)  to discuss completing an individual project to obtain TAG participation credit.

    • Move on When Ready (MOWR): The student may enroll in college, university or technical school courses and receive both high school and college credits. The transcript reflects a numeric grade.


    The TAG classrooms are integrated into the Academic Departments to which the teacher belongs.


    As described above and depending on the delivery option, students meet in a ‘TAG’ class either once a week or daily.


    Several parents and students question the necessity for participating in a gifted program at the high school level as described above. Below are several reasons illustrating the benefits of such a model:
    • The student attends advisement conferences with the gifted teacher throughout the year focusing on academics, scheduling/class selection, college planning, etc.
    • TAG classes are limited to 26 students.
    • Transcripts sent to colleges indicate that the student completed additional work through gifted services.
    • Participation in directed study/internship is contingent upon active status in TAG as well as TAG teacher recommendation.
      • If a student fails to earn a TAG credit one semester (through any of the options listed above), the student is placed on probation. Probation requires that the same student earn a TAG credit the following semester or the student will be removed from the program.
      • TAG teachers will work with students on an individual basis to ensure that their needs are being met through the program.