Rich and Relevant Curriculum

  • In addition to traditional high school core curriculum, Innovation Academy will provide a rich and relevant educational experience that will allow students to be creators and problem solvers for a continuously changing world. 

  • Career Pathways 

    All students at Innovation Academy will be required to complete one CTAE (career/technology/agriculture/engineering) pathway in order to apply their learning in real world situations. 



    Innovation Academy has partnered with Georgia Tech's CEISMC program to create a cross-curriculiar course of study. CEISMC advocates for and leads systemic changes to increase STEM interest and achievement for all students, especially those underrepresented in STEM.

    Each IA student will have the opportunity to participate in these exciting and challenging projects. 


    Design Thinking

    Design Thinking will be embedded in all areas of study here at IA; it is an iterative process that encourages students to continually learn and deepen their understanding. 


    AP Capstone 

    All students will be required to complete the AP Capstone course of study. Students will take AP Seminar combined with their 10th grade ELA (English Language Arts) course. This allows students to earn two credits at one time. Junior year students will take AP Research. Students will deeply explore an academic topic, problem, or issue of individual interest. Our goal at Innovation Academy is to mold students into critical thinkers; the AP Capstone curriculum teaches students to explore, research, question, write, and present.