Engaged Corporate Partners

  • To prepare tomorrow’s workforce, Innovation Academy partners with leaders in STEM career fields.  Corporate partners will work directly with students and teachers to provide experiences and trainings that bridge the gap between school and the workplace. 


    Curriculum  Corporate partners will participate on Curriculum Advisory Boards to ensure that IA provides a rich and relevant curriculum. 

    • Content Advisor work with Georgia Tech and Innovation Academy to shape the IA curriculum 
    • Projects & Tools provide challenges and supplemental resources to ensure students have access to relevant, real-world problems 
    • Career skills identify supplemental trainings that students need to be successful in the workforce 


    1:1 Personal Coaching – Corporate partners will engage students from acceptance through graduation for supplemental career guidance, support, and opportunities.  

    • Mentor  support students with career guidance 
    • Internship – provide paid and unpaid work experiences 
    • Externship – extend opportunities for teachers to experience the workplace to ensure IA staff stay informed of the latest practices. 


    Presentations – Corporate partners will extend student career and workplace knowledge.  

    • Ted Talks  group presentations on a variety of career/workplace trends and opportunities 
    • Workplace Tours – expose the workplace to students and staff 
    • Professional Development  corporate led career workshops for students and staff