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Jan 28th Game Panel

  • Do you love video games?

    Do you love competitive, challenging, and fun environments?

    Would you like to turn your hobby into a career?


    Global Impact Academy Esports league is coming soon!!!


    Starting an Esports League   ----   Parents's Guide to Esports

An Intro to Esports

Q & A

  • How do I join the Esports club?

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    A signup will be released in the Fall of 2021 shortly after school opening. 

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  • How many people will be on the Esports team?

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    The standard Esports team consist of 5 members. We will start an esports club and host competitions for spots on specfic Esports teams. There will be three main teams with one backup team per main team. 



    Team Nitro

    Student 1 - 5

    Team Nitro B

    Unlimited amount

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  • Does video gaming affect your life?

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    Video gaming can have both a positive and negative effect on your life. 

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  • What are the requirements for the GIA Esports League?

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    There simple rules:

    1. You must be a student at Global Impact Academy

    2. You must receive your parents permission to join.

    3. You must maintain EXCELLENT academic performance (85 and above in all classes).

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