Our Vision

    ·       Through specially designed instruction in the least restrictive environment, students with disabilities will have access to a rigorous curriculum that is meaningful, challenging, and is aligned to grade level standards.

    Our Mission

    ·       The Services for Exceptional Children Department ensures the instruction of students with disabilities is grounded in grade-level standards, specially designed to meet the individual needs of each students and tailored to promote growth and learning.  We do so by:

    ·       embedding special education specific supports within the Standards Mastery Framework;

    ·       guiding school-leaders in meeting the expectations set forth in federal, state, & local rules and regulations;

    ·       providing explicit professional learning experiences and job embedded growth opportunities for special education staff; and

    ·       embracing and embodying the mindsets of inclusivity, access to challenging curriculum, and high expectations.


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  • Crystal M. Cox, Ed.S.

    Instructional Support Teacher| Evoline C. West Elementary

    Services for Exceptional Children |Fulton County School System

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