Arrivals and Departures

  • Daily Schedule:

    7:00 A. M. - Student Arrivals begin at this time

    7:00 A.M.- 7:30 A.M.  Free Breakfast is served for  all students 

    7:40 A. M. - Classes begin promptly. Students are tardy at 7:41 A.M.

    1:45 A.M. - Early dismissal Ends

    2:20 P. M. - Dismissal begins at 2:20 P.M.

    All students should be picked up from school no later than 2:30P.M.

    Irregular attendance in school is one of the most common causes of underachievement.  Therefore, we encourage you to help your child get to school daily and on time regularly.  At the same time, we do not expect a child to be in school if he or she is sick or is a source of contagion to other students.

    Absences will remain unexcused until a written excuse is received by the teacher, stating the reason for the absence, the dates absent, and a parent signature.

    There is no supervision before or after school unless a student is registered in before or after school care with Prime Time.

    The State Board of Education lawfully excuses children for the following reasons only:

    1. Personal illness
    2. Death in the immediate family
    3. Special and recognized holidays observed by their faith


    Irregular Departures

    In order to ensure the safety of all the students, the following rules for irregular departures from school will always apply.

    If a student does not plan to go home in the regular manner, the student must show a letter of permission from the student's parent or legal guardian before school begins on the date of the irregular departure.

    Students that ride a Fulton County School bus cannot change buses without written permission from the transportation department. 

    If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, discuss this with the student and send a note to the student's teacher. ANY STUDENT LEAVING BEFORE THE REGULAR DISMISSAL TIME MUST BE SIGNED OUT THROUGH THE FRONT OFFICE BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OR PARENT DESIGNEE. 




    In order to assist us in providing a safe and orderly dismissal, no one will be allowed to check a student out of school  after 1:45pm or make any transportation changes after 2:00 P.M.

    This is the busiest time of our school day. From 2:00p.m.-2:20p.m. students are completing their learning day, returning from other classes and preparing to depart safely from school. Thank you for your cooperation and support in our efforts.