• ​The Talented and Gifted (TAG) program meets the requirements of the Georgia Department of Education and provides diverse, high-quality opportunities. The TAG program offers a challenging, unique program of study for students through direct and indirect services. 
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    Based on the philosophy of nurturing the unique learning characteristics, interests, and capabilities of gifted students, the goals of the gifted services in Fulton County Schools are to develop: 
      • Advanced research methods and independent study skills original to the student
      • Creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills in order to be a generator of ideas and products
      • Higher-order and critical thinking skills
      • Development of products and ideas that will be shared with real audiences.


    Cognitive skills emphasized at each level include knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, fluency, flexibility, originality, elaborative thinking, complexity, curiosity, risk-taking, and imagination. TAG teachers are experienced professionals who have received an endorsement in Gifted Education from the Georgia Department of Education.

    Students have a variety of options for receiving gifted services. TAG students attend advisement conferences with a TAG teacher several times a year. Freshmen gifted students are served through TAG collaborations with their subject area teachers. Students who do not take AP or IB classes must select another TAG option.

    Contact the Riverwood Coordinator, Sandra Bradley at bradleys2@fultonschools.com for more information.