Student Schedule By Grade Level


     Beginning August, 17, 2020, there will be daily live classes at 8:55, 10:20, 1:20, and 2:45

    6th Grade Schedule

    7th Grade Schedule

    8th Grade Schedule

      • All students will have a lunch/exercise no-tech break from 11:40-1:10 each day.
      • Class periods will be a mix of direct teacher instruction, group work, small group instruction, and independent practice
      • Teacher Office Hours are from 8:10-8:40 am daily and an additional 45 minutes every other day. Please see schedule for grade level specific office hours.
    • Microsoft Teams will be the software used for live class sessions
      • Assignments will be posted in each Class Teams site under the Assignments tab
    • Students will receive 1 grade per week that will be recorded in Infinite Campus in either the Summative or Formative category
      • The district has provided guidelines for all schools to follow which include 100% of grades that count being in the Summative category. You can expect 9 Summative and 9 Formative grades per semester.
      • All grades that are to inform the student and parent in order to provide feedback but do not count towards the final grade, will be posted in the Formative category.
      • The district has also provided direction for recovery.
        • District direction: If a student is not satisfied with their grade, they will have 2 additional opportunities to redo/resubmit their work, after they have received feedback.
        • Students will have 5 days from the feedback to redo/resubmit their work.
        • If the grade is under a 70, we will expect a student to redo/resubmit.
        • If the grade is over a 70, it will be a student's choice to redo/resubmit.
      • All late work will be recorded as an Incomplete (I) in the grade book until it is turned in
    • Lesson plans (standard, learning goal, and graded assignment/assessment) will be posted on our website and updated weekly