• Dear CCES Parents and Guardians,

    Given the concern over the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we are prepared for a short or long-term closure of school.  We do not know at this time when or if we will need to close. However, we want to let you know our plans for continuing school if we were to have a closure. Be advised, as an additional precaution, schools will not be allowing lunch visitors until further notice.

    If we have a closure, we will switch instruction from the classroom to our Extended Digital Day plan. If an Extended Digital Day Plan is implemented, the district will activate a website and hotline to assist students and parents with troubleshooting any digital access issues.  At that time, the website link and hotline number will appear on the district homepage at www.fultonschools.org.  We will post on our school websites as well.

    Our primary method of instruction will be through teacher assigned lessons which will be communicated through email. Teachers have reviewed this expectation and students know what to expect. In some cases, teachers will use various platforms to deliver activities. Be assured, students are familiar with and have used these platforms in school. In other cases, teachers will post assignments and resources for students to work on non-digitally. Student work will be approximately 60 minutes per day for PreK-2 and 90 minutes per day for grades 3-5.

    Specials are more difficult to do when away from school. For these classes, how teachers handle them will depend on the length and timing of a closure. Teachers will try to be as creative as they can to make the best of the circumstances. To support our students social and emotional needs during extended time away from school, we have also developed social emotional lessons for grades 3-12 that will be delivered once a week.

    In closing, I want to be honest with you, remote learning plans do not provide the same rigor and quality as face to face instruction. Therefore, we will only use this as a last resort. Our goal will be to continue moving forward with your child’s education making the most of the resources available to us. Please contact me or your child’s teachers if you have any specific questions. As always, on behalf of all the faculty and staff, we appreciate your support and the privilege of partnering with you in educating your children.

    Thank you, Dr. Cheatham