• Can my child have a cell phone at school?

    Phones/PCDs may not be out or used during the school day.  Students may check their Phones/PCD's when dismissal begins so they can check on any changes of how they are getting home.

    Can my child bring Airpods to school?

    Airpods are not allowed at school.  Wired earbuds are the expected method used to listen to educational material on a student device.

    Is there a dress code?

    Please see the weekly newsletter for details of the dress code.

    Does my student need to bring their ID badge daily?

    Yes. As a safety measure, all people at HBMS must wear an ID badge at all times.

    What happens if my student loses their badge?

    If the ID Badge is lost, it will need to be replaced.  The first replacement is free, the second replacement is $1 and all other replacements will cost $2 each time.

    What is the attendance policy?

    If a student needs to leave before school is dismissed, a note from the parent or guardian must be brought by the student to the front office in the morning or an email must be sent before school begins to Mrs Eccleston. ecclestonk@fultonschools.org Parents or guardians must come to the front office in person to sign out their students.  Anyone checking out a student MUST be on the approved list in the student information system. A picture ID is required to check out your child.  If an unplanned checkout occurs, a note must be presented to the office within five school-days of checkout. For more information about Fulton Schools Attendance policys go to https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/23956

    What is the procedure if my student is late?

     Any student arriving after the 8:55am bell MUST be signed in by a parent or guardian. A note from a parent or doctor must be presented to the office within five school-days for the tardy to be excused. 

    How do I get a forgotten personal item to my student if they have left it at home?

    If you need to drop an item off for your student, drop it off on the cart outside the front office door with a completed slip of paper.  We periodically go outside to bring in the items and leave them in an area for students to collect during transitions.  Students are not allowed to check their phones during the day. Please don't text/call them to notify them that the item is at the school.  They would be breaking a school rule.

    How do I get a forgotten lunch to my student if they have left it at home?

    If you forget to send lunch for your student, you may drop it off no later than 11:15am on the cart outside of the front office door with a slip of paper.  This is so that we can ensure that your child is able to have it for their lunch period.

    Can I pick up assignments for my student when they are unable to come to school?

    Assignments may be requested by emailing your students' teacher.  Their email is on our school website https://www.fultonschools.org/haynesbridgems or on your infinite campus account.

    What happens if my students loses their agenda?

    Students are given one at the beginning of the year and are expected to use the student agenda as an organizational tool as well as a hall pass.  Students are expected to always have the agenda with them.  Lost agendas must be replaced by the student at a cost of $5.  This can be paid in cash in the media center or on our website