• All rules and school policies are addressed in the Parent Handbook. A downloadable and printable copy of the handbook can be reviewed here. The following questions have been answered in simplified form. If you desire further details, please refer to the handbook.

    Can my child have a cell phone at school?
    If necessary, students may bring a cell phone to school but it MUST be in the "off" position and kept in their school locker. Students may use their cell phone before or after school hours (8 AM to 4 PM) outside the building.

    Is there a dress code?
    Yes, please refer to the handbook for details.

    What do I do if my child needs to leave school early?
    If a student needs to leave before school is dismissed, a note from the parent or guardian must be brought by the student to the office in the morning. Parents or guardians must come to the office in person to sign out their children. Anyone checking out a student MUST be on an approved list in the student information system. A picture ID is required to check out your child. If an unplanned check out occurs, a note must be presented to the office within five school days of the checkout.

    What is the procedure if my student is late?
    The student must report to the office to have his/her agenda signed before going to class. A note from the parent or doctor must be presented to the school within 5 school days in order for the tardy to be excused. Please refer to the handbook for further details.

    How will I know if the school will be closed due to inclement weather?
    Once a decision has been made from the central office to close school due to inclement weather, local radio and televison channels will broadcast this information. WSB-TV Channel 2 and 98.5 FM radio are the official Fulton County Schools media channels. Please avoid calling the school. You can also find the information on the Fulton County Website.

    How do I get a forgotten lunch or pesonal item to my student if they left it at home?
    Parent should drop the item off in the front office, attach a tag with the student's name to the item. He/She will then be instructed to write their child's name and item on the dry erase board outside the office.

    What is the attendance policy?
    Any student who is absent from school shall present a written excuse, signed by one of his/her parents or guardians, when he/she returns to school. For further detail on the attendance policy, please refer to the handbook.

    Can I pick up assigments for my student when he is unable to come to school?
    Assignments may be requested by calling the front office before 9AM on the second day of an absence. Work can be picked up in the front office between 4:00-5:30 PM.

    What happens if my loses his or her agenda?
    Students are given one agenda at the beginning of the year and are expected to use the student agenda as an organizational tool as well as a hall pass. Students are expected to have the agenda with them at all times. Lost agendas must be replaced by the student at a cost of $10. Should students need an agenda page for short-term use, a copy can be obtained in the office. Please refer to the handbook for further details.