• Classroom Screening for TAG – January 13 - 27, 2020

    The Fulton County School System screens all students for eligibility for gifted services twice a year. Fulton County uses a systematic approach to identify highly capable students who may qualify for gifted services. Crabapple Middle School teachers will be observing all students from January 13 – January 27 during the classroom screening period.  Teachers use the Characteristics Instrument for Screening Students (CISS) to identify students with superior abilities in five or more of the following areas: motivation, interests, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, memory, inquiry, insight, reasoning, creativity, and humor.  


    Students meeting the classroom screening criteria AND having supporting data gathered from test history, products, and/or advanced content levels are referred for gifted testing. Students referred for testing through the Classroom Screening process will be tested within the time frame of February-March. Parents will be notified if your child is eligible for testing.  Please direct any questions to Amanda Howell, TAG Contact @ howella@fultonschools.org.