Tutor List

  • The following list contains the names of persons who have indicated to us that they are interested in tutoring students. While we are happy to share this list with parents, we cannot make specific recommendations since different students are successful with different types of tutors.

    Hopewell Middle School teachers have their grade level shown beside their name. Local school policy does not permit teachers to tutor their own students.

    If you are a tutor and would like to be added to or deleted from this list, please contact the webmaster, Michelle Lamkin, at lamkinmm@fultonschools.org

Name Subjects Phone Email / Website
Abedin, Tasmin (8) Math 6-8, Algebra I and II, Geometry I and Pre- Calculus abedint@fultonschools.org
Alhadeff, Barry Math, Geometry, Algebra I 770-634-0270 Mathman314@bellsouth.net
Andrews, Maggie - BuffTutor Network Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Writing, Spanish 765-543-7542 http://www.BuffTutor.com
Best in Class Education Center Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies 678-332-2100 http://www.bicedu.com/locations/milton/
Burgin, Carolyn Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies (6-8), Study Skills 678-793-3078 Carolynburgin@gmail.com
Burkhart, Carol All subjects, French 770-475-1876 Carol@DiscoveriesTutorial.com
Chang, Robin Algebra, Biology, Social Studies, Writing, Reading, Executive Functioning Skills 678-510-9998 brdchang@gmail.com
Cloudt, Kevin Physics, Chemistry, Math, Spanish 770-712-3218
Cohen, Debra Special Education All Subjects 404-966-0864
Conkling, Tessa Math (6-8), including Algebra & Geometry 954-701-4581 http://www.TutorwithTessa.com
Crawford, Carla Math 678-566-3230
Curtin, Sherri Reading 678-575-0306 SBcurtin@bellsouth.net
Duncan, Deitra Math (5-7) 770-900-3434 Duncand@fultonschools.org
Eidizadeh, Alex Math 678-575-3060 Math012@hotmail.com
Enriquez, Maros Spanish, Chemistry, All Subjects 770-243-3918
Fantozzi, Bill Math, Physics 770-640-8622
Freebern, Anna (6) Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Writing 678-549-4606
Freud, Jeff Math 678-393-9376 JeffFreud@joimail.com
Giltman, Erica Math 678-456-8329 Corky3540@hotmail.com
Henderson, Sandy Math and Social Studies 706-840-3852 Shenderson@eastonacademy.org
Hunter, Rhonda Math, All Subjects 678-469-2553 rkfrye@yahoo.com
Kinberg, Elliot Math, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus 678-982-2736 ejkinberg@gmail.com
Kulkarni, Anjali Science, Chemistry (6-12) 325-232-4131 anjali04sk@yahoo.com kulkarnia@fultonschools.org
Kwon, Eunice - C2 Education All Subjects 770-343-9950 http://www.c2educate.com
Lajewski, Deb (6) Math (6-7) lajewski@fultonschools.org
Land, Kacy Spanish 678-463-5382
Lee, Kimberly - The Math Tutor Network Math, Reading, Writing, and Chemistry 678-938-3664 http://www.themathtutornetwork.com
Moore, Kimberly Math, Science 770-570-8123 kstone0211@aol.com
Moore, Ryan All subjects (K-12) 470-920-6726 ryan@tutorvilletutors.com
Nilson, Heather Physical Science (8th grade & high school) hmnilson@icloud.com
Nisar, Sofia (8) Physical Science (8th grade & high school) nisars@fultonschools.org
Novelli, Cara Math 678-296-8554 crnovelli@comcast.net
Poole, Mark Math 6/7/8, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Certified in Math 4-12, Gifted Endorsed 678-699-7169 algebradude82@gmail.com
Procopio, Michelle Math, Science, Social Studies, English 315-396-5050 Mpro112@yahoo.com
Reed, John Math, On-Line Tutoring or In-House 770-594-7908 Jhreed55@gmail.com
Saltzman, Hilary Math (6-8) 516-582-4158 hildress31@yahoo.com
Seshadri, Steve Math, Physics 678-644-6076 Steve.Seshadri@gmail.com
Shepardson, Ashley Math 404-395-1951 ashleyshep@yahoo.com
Shupe, Alona (8) Spanish shupe@fultonschools.org
Smith, Mary Math 770-360-8293
Soldavini, Alfred Math, Physics 770-475-3263
Steinhauer, Shelby French 678 471-7145
Stetson, Lindsey ELA, Reading, Timed Writing Assessments 678-431-6230 stetsonteacher@gmail.com
Tash, Adam Algebra, Geometry, English, Writing, Reading, Environmental Science, SAT, SSAT, Test Prep, TOEFL http://www.tashtutors.com
Voglesonger, Andrea Language Arts, SAT prep, Secondary Language 678-297-9979, 404-414-8112
Walker, Lane Honors Algebra, Geometry 404-783-0636 Mlanew01@mac.com
Warnke, Cindy Math, Remedial Math (Specialty) 706-974-8930 Cindy@cindwarnke.com
Weber, Ruth All Subjects 770-595-4883 ruth.g.weber@gmail.com
Zak, Yury - Georgia Tutoring Math (including Calculus) 770-559-3000