• Mission and Vision


    Creek View Elementary - Together We Are One!

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to work together to help students develop a clear "view" into their future by educating the whole child to become a lifelong learner and appreciate diversity.

    Vision Statement

    Creek View Elementary School provides a safe learning environment where everyone within the school community is unique, valued, held to high expectations and committed to preparing our students for a lifetime of success.  

    Culture & Climate

    Creek View Elementary is enriched by the diversity of our students and families. Our priority is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages personal responsibility, embraces individual differences and promotes respect for all learners.


    Creek View Elementary fosters warm and open relationships with our families and community.  We partner with our families and seek a strong home/school connection.  Active communication promotes strong parent involvement and a community connection that enhances our student performance.

    Student Learning

    Creek View Elementary’s students are invested in their own learning goals.  Our curriculum and innovative teaching strategies inspire and engage our students.  The integration of technology and real-world application to learning challenge students to become successful problem-solvers.  We set high expectations and differentiate instruction to foster higher-order thinking, creativity and effective communication skills.

    Staff Development

    Creek View Elementary’s highly qualified staff has an ongoing commitment to quality recruitment and professional development.  Professional learning communities and continuing education ensure our staff can effectively promote academic excellence while meeting the needs of our diverse learners.


    Alpharetta is a dynamic and culturally diverse community.  Creek View Elementary creates strong partnerships with our community stakeholders to enrich the lives of our students and ensure our school’s current and future success.