AP Exam: Updated Information from College Board

AP Exam Updates as reported by College Board

  • As school districts across the nation navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, the health and safety of students and teachers is a priority for College Board and the AP Program. With 91% of students reporting to College Board that they still want the opportunity to take their AP exam, College Board has decided to support students and school districts in the following ways.

    All AP Exams will be taken at home by students:

    A 45-minute online free-response exam (exact timing to be announced) will be completed by students at home, on a specified day and time. There will be no multiple-choice questions or audio recorded components. To minimize conflicts, students will be able to choose from two different test dates, one earlier or one later. These exams will be an open book and “open note.” The exam will focus on skills and thematic understandings. Students will not be tested on content typically taught in the last 25% of an AP course, as laid out in the unit structure shown in the AP Course and Exam Description.

    Visit http://www.collegeboard.org/ap-covid19-updates for a list of which units will be included in each AP Exam this year.

    Each student's response will be monitored by plagiarism detection software, and students whose responses mirror content from the web or other students’ submissions will be disqualified. By April 3, College Board will publish the full exam schedule, including the specific free-response question types that will comprise each AP exam.

    AP Course Instruction:
    Our AP teachers will continue teaching their AP courses and reviewing for the AP exam up to the test date. Because not all school districts across the nation can do this, College Board has also provided students access to live AP lessons, delivered each weekday by AP teachers from across the country. This is a great resource for our students to use alongside their teachers’ assignments. A schedule of classes, including descriptions of each lesson, is available at http://www.collegeboard.org/ap-covid19-updates.