PCCLI Frameworks

  • Professionalism                                                     

    We believe in carrying ourselves in a manner that conveys class and sophistication in both dress, attitude, and work output. We believe in being prepared, having job-related competence, and effectively communicating with the utmost etiquette and care for all people at all times. We do not believe in finding reasons to complain or criticize but rather collectively commit to being timely with our job-related responsibilities all while showing a consistent commitment to flexibility and an openness to change. 


    We believe that character is about being loyal to scrupulous convictions by demonstrating transparency, courteousness, reliability, thoughtfulness, consideration, and respectfulness of one's self and others. As professionals in the Academy we believe that the best display of ethical behavior is not in the words we use but in the actions we choose. To this end, we will be steadfast in modeling high quality etiquette in all of our correspondence and transactions while pursuing relationships/partnerships that are based on edifying principles that pursue the betterment of all that we serve.


    We believe that as professionals in the Academy we are made better by the amalgamation of every individual' s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  We will not function in silos outside of the team but rather work cohesively to produce the highest and best collaborative outcome.  We recognize that our commitment in the collaborative process is not limited to this building but expands to schools, communities, and businesses that work in tandem with our vision for student achievement.


    We believe that as we are being groomed as leaders in this Academy, we must first model leadership qualities inside and outside of the classroom.  We believe that leaders are not defined by job title but by their passion and consistency in showing proactivity, initiative, responsibility, focus, decisiveness, and confidence. We are dedicated to being persistent in formulating effective solutions and strategies with a keen resourcefulness and enterprising perspective.


    We believe that innovative minds are intuitive listeners and thinkers that solve problems that are not yet realized and craft ideas that have not yet been discovered.  We commit to continued growth and exposure to developing our inventiveness and eye for ingenuity.  We will seek challenges, embrace new ideas, take risks, increase our pacing, and produce more than is expected.