• Welcome to a new and exciting school year! 


    It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to lead Fulton Schools College and Career Academy.  I'm elated to see all the achievements we will accomplish this year!  The theme this year is "Moving Forward Together with High Expectations".  I truly believe that all students can learn at high levels with high expectations, the right support, experiences, and opportunities.  Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing appropriate and challenging instructional experiences that will strengthen scholars’ creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills needed for their success in post-secondary careers.  Therefore, it is my goal to ensure that scholars experience a school culture that is focused on providing academic, technical, and employability skills that will prepare them to be College and Career Ready.   


    As we "Move Forward Together with High Expectations", it is our expectation that all scholars will earn "Stackable Credentials".  This is the opportunity for scholars to build and stack as many certifications as possible that will lead them to the next level after high school.  Scholars will also jump start their career by earning college credit in their career pathway while attending the College and Career Academy.  As we prepare scholars with academic and technical skills, we will also teach them employability skills in a practical way through Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) and Work-Based Learning (WBL).  These experiences will produce a well-rounded scholar that will matriculate to the next level after high school with confidence and ready to take on their post-secondary dreams and goals. 


    I am committed to working in partnership with Fulton Schools College and Career Academy families, the community as well as business and industry partners to raise the achievement levels to a high standard.  We encourage you to partner with us in ways that will help us maintain this level of high expectation. Please stay informed by following us on Twitter (@fscc_academy) and (@TEaton2000) to observe all the great accomplishments that will happen this year. 


    Once again, I am excited to be a part of Fulton Schools College and Career Academy community and looking forward to a great year! 


    Working together, 



    Tonya Eaton, Principal 




    Phone:  470.254.0920