• Hello and Welcome Back to the Senior Class of 2022!!


    My name is James Landreau and I will once again be serving as the Senior Class advisor along with Mrs. Jessica Lundy as our Graduation Coach! We are so excited to be here to help you as you begin your final year of High School! For some of you, I am sure it felt like today would never come. For others, I can imagine it’s hard to believe you are a senior and how did it happen so fast? Regardless of which feeling you may have; the truth is this is your time! This is your year! The Class of 2022 is here to leave their mark on North Springs High School.


    Now is the time to remember all that it has taken to get here and to make a promise that you will continue to work hard, strive for success, and create those memory lasting moments to last a lifetime! It is true that this year will be filled with many, “This is the last time we’ll …. (fill in the blank)”, but it is also a year to formalize those plans for your future and become the best version of yourself as you set off for college, the military, or the work force! You will leave behind a legacy. It will be up to you as to what that legacy is! Make it the best it can be. Keep your head held high. Keep your eye on the future and know that come May 26th, your days of being a high schooler will conclude and the most exciting journey of your life will begin! Until then, we have much work to do, many things to accomplish, and together we will make this the best year yet!


    Once again, we are working with our amazing Senior Parent Committee. These volunteer parents are such an incredible asset to our school and to the success of all things senior every year! Please read below about some if the things they do for the seniors. Also make sure to open the Senior Activities document included with this letter.



    The Senior Activities Committee is run by parents of NS students and was put together to spoil the seniors during their final year of high school.  The parents raise money and provide fun activities and special treats throughout the school year for the seniors.  Please read the attached forms explaining more about the Senior Activities Committee AND graduation yard signs.  Prices are lower if you order the yard sign now.  

    Parents need to print the forms and email them to Simone


    Any questions?  Email Simone Lederman:


    SENIOR DUES- Senior Dues are $110 and can be paid online through the OSP portal on the school website. If paying online is not an option, we can accept cash, check, or money order. The dues are used to cover all on campus senior activities and graduation events. (This is separate from what the Parent Committee does for the students.) Additional items covered by the dues include: Senior T-shirt (get those creative minds going, I am looking for a great design for your class shirt. Submit ideas to Mr. Landreau.) Senior Lanyards, Senior Breakfasts, Spirit Week activities and more.


    Graduation Cap & Gown- We have started a new business partnership with Herff Jones this year to provide our Graduation regalia and additional graduation swag. You can go online to and order cap and gowns, additional senior swag, and class rings. Our letterman jackets are sold through a separate vendor and I am working on getting that information out to you ASAP!  Please note that Herff Jones handles all their finances separately and the cost of Cap & Gown is NOT included in senior dues. It is a separate fee.  A representative will also be on campus throughout the year once students return to the building.

    *Please note the Herr Jones/North Springs site is not active yet as it is still be created with our new partnership. We will announce once it goes live so that you may begin ordering the Cap & Gown as well as any additional Senior Swag!




    Senior Class Teams- This year we will be using a Microsoft TEAMS Senior Page to distribute many of the senior updates, news, and upcoming events. This will be the official sounding board for senior information. Please make sure to join the TEAMS so you can stay up to date with information.


    Here is the Join code for the Senior TEAMS page: 67ymbut


    PLease keep up with Mr. Hanson’s updates and emails as he regularly sends those out.


    We are so looking forward to an amazing year! Please stay tuned for updates and announcements! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about senior events or to Mrs. Lundy and your counselor for any senior academic concerns!



    We are excited to see you all soon! Go Spartan Senior C/O 2022!


    Mr. James Landreau                                 Mrs. Jessica Lundy

    Senior Class advisor                                  Graduation Coach