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    ​For students interested in business, web design and media communications, graphic design, health care, and leadership through JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps) the CTAE pathways may be a perfect choice. Our CTAE department offers valuable hands-on learning opportunities and career pathways ending with a professional certification, internship or work-based learning experience and membership in several national student organizations in business (FBLA), health care (HOSA), and graphic design (Skills USA).

    Our Mission

    Our mission and responsibility in CTAE is to create leaders with an accomplished understanding of current business, industry, technology, and service career paths and equip them with the knowledge and skills for success in post-secondary academia, community and the global workforce.

    Career Clusters and Pathways 

    CTAE offers 6 career clusters – each with a pathway or a sequence of required courses necessary to earn 
    certification at the completion of the pathway. The career clusters and corresponding pathways are: 
    • Arts, Audio-Video Technology & Communications - Audio-Video Technology & Film Pathway
    • Arts, Audio-Video Technology & Communications – Graphic Design Pathway
    • Business Management & Administration - Entrepreneurship Pathway
    • Government & Public Administration - Leadership JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) Pathway​
    • Healthcare Science - Allied Health Pathway
    • Information Technology - Web and Digital Design Pathway
  • Exciting news as North Springs students now have not one, but two Pathway Specialists staffed at their school. Pathway Specialist are selected by the Executive Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) based on their outstanding classroom performances and expertise in their field.

    Pathway Specialist Image

    These professionals are charged with leading their peers across the county to ensure high-quality education is taking place in all of their specific CTE pathways. Please join us in celebrating Cam Lupiani and Kimberly Daniel for their contribution to both their school and county!