Transcript Request Choice Declaration (Weighted or Unweighted)

  • NEW POLICY: Fulton County Schools continues to explore more ways to provide our parents and students with additional choices and options whenever possible. Based on input and feedback the district received from parents last school year, our students now have the choice to send their unweighted transcripts or weighted transcripts to colleges, universities, and scholarship opportunities. Within the college application process, some universities and colleges apply different treatments to weighted and unweighted grades/GPAs. With the district’s goal to provide students a choice, schools will be required to have students select whether they want to have their weighted or unweighted transcripts sent to colleges.

    Please download, print, and complete the form at the link below and return the physical copy to the Counseling Office by 4:00 pm, September 27, 2021. We will only honor the hard copy of the form and will not accept electronic (scanned or saved) copies via email. Transcripts will not be released until this form is on file for the student for each college /scholarship the student has sent in an application requiring a transcript. 

    Important Notes:

    • In addition to this choice process, students must complete all required steps in Naviance for transcripts to be sent to colleges.
    • Weighted Transcript means the transcript includes the student's cumulative GPA and final course grades with the seven (7) points/weights for Honors, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement. (Historically what we have sent to all colleges)
    • Unweighted Transcript means the transcript includes the student's cumulative GPA and final course grades without the seven (7) honors points/weights. (New choice)
    • Common Application: Students who use Common Application to apply to colleges should know that your choice of a weighted or unweighted transcript is the type of transcript that will be sent to all colleges through the Common Application.
    • University of Georgia Disclaimer: Students and parents should ensure they understand UGA's process for recalculating GPAs - Admissions First Year Criteria ( Currently, UGA accepts both weighted and unweighted transcripts. Please contact UGA Admissions for details. 

    * Cambridge High School Counseling Department cannot comment or advise on different colleges' policies on weighted versus unweighted transcripts. Please contact each college with any questions you may have.

    See Transcript Request Choice Declaration Form 

SAT Exam at Cambridge

  • SAT - Seniors Only

    Cambridge will offer Seniors an opportunity to take the SAT on October 13 from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. This administration is different from the regular SAT in that it is given during the school day and does not include the essay portion of the exam.

    • The SAT is for Seniors only and is free for students.
    • Seniors must register for the SAT.
    • This offer is good for the first 200 students and is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    To register:

    SAT Registration Link

    The registration link will remain open till 4:00 pm on Monday, September 27, 2021, or until the 200 places are taken, whichever comes first.

Class of 2022