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    SENIOR Information Sheet (Class of 2022)
    Need a counselor letter of recommendation? No problem! 
    Note: Letters of Recommendation must be requested in advance of your deadline.

    If you are requesting a letter of recommendation from your counselor for a college application or scholarship, you are required to complete a Senior Information Sheet. This information will assist your counselor in writing a recommendation that will fully highlight you & your accomplishments. The more specific details you can give us, the more thorough your recommendation.

    Senior Information Sheets are located outside of the Counseling Suite.


    College Admission Exam Test Preparation and Tutoring Services



    The State of Georgia offers the following scholarship/grant programs for students to pursue post-secondary schooling: 

    HOPE Scholarship/Grant Program
    Click HERE for info. regarding the HOPE Program
    Zell Miller Scholarship/Grant Program
    ​Click HERE for info. regarding the Zell Miller Program

    For more information on these state-funded programs, feel free to visit the Georgia Student Finance Commission website at: http://gsfc.georgia.gov/hope