• Courses

    How many courses does my student take in an academic year?

    Each middle school student takes 5 academic courses in a year: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and either World Language or Reading. Each student also takes 2 Connections courses each semester.

  • Help Sessions:

    Help sessions are at 8:00 AM (or by appointment)  on the following days:


    Monday: science

    Tuesday: ELA

    Wednesday: math

    Thursday: social studies

    Friday: world language

  • World Language at CMS

    CMS offers Spanish, French and German. Students entering CMS as 6th grade students will begin and successfully complete the first semester of the high school course of their choice. In 7th grade, they will successfully complete the second semester of the high school course earning 1 world language credit. The grade that students earn in 7th grade is the grade that will appear on their transcript for their Level 1 course. In 8th grade, they will successfully complete the second course of their language leaving with an additional world language credit for a complete total of 2 HS language credits. This pathway started in 2015 – 2016 with our current 8th grade students beginning their second credit of their high school language course.

  • Virtual Courses

    Fulton County Schools offers students virtual course offerings through FVS (Fulton Virtual School). Parents independently enroll students in the course. Students complete the course at home, typically during 1st period, arriving at school for 2nd period or during 8th period, leaving school after 7th period. For 2018, we cannot offer virtual courses here at CMS due to staffing. For more information about FVS, please contact your counselor or visit the FCS website.

  • Connections Courses

    Each 6th and 7th grade student takes 2 Connections courses each semester with one of these courses being a year-long course. Our year-long courses are Band, Orchestra, Chorus and PE. Our other connections courses are Art, General Music, Construction, Health, Graphic Design and Business Education. These are randomly assigned to students. We do not accept student or parent requests for a specific Connections course. Our 8th grade students select their Connection course, based on preference and availability, as they are high school electives. These electives are either semester or year-long in length.

    For students in year-long music courses (Band, Orchestra, Chorus), they will have PE at least one semester in 6th or 7th grade.