About our School

  • Mimosa Elementary's population is approximately 700 students and represents over 15 countries.   The school opened in 1968 and has seen several additions over its history.  We have evolved into a unique community school that celebrates the diversity of its community while supporting the academic needs of all learners.  Ongoing changes to the physical building have helped us meet the needs of growth in the Roswell area.  We are proud to serve our students and the families in our community. 

School Data

  • Grades

    School Day
    7:40 a.m.–2:20 p.m.

    Blue & Silver



World Languages

  • Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program (K-3)



Awards and Accolades

  • Beating the Odds

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Cluster Information

  • Learning Community: Zone 5

    Feeder Schools:

    • Mimosa Elementary 
    • Elkins Pointe Middle School 
    • Haynes Bridge Middle School 
    • Roswell High School 


    School Board Member:

    Katha Stuart

School Contact Information

  • Mimosa Elementary

    1550 Warsaw Road

    Roswell, GA 30076 


    Phone: 470-254-4540

    Fax: 470-254-6346



Special Programs


    • Pre-K
    • Dual Language Immersion Program
    • Orthopedically Impaired Center School
    • CTAE

School Report Card

School History

  • Mimosa Elementary School was built in 1967 on the site of a horse pasture across the street from the Smith barn and house.  The school was named for Mimosa Boulevard in Roswell.  At the time it was built, Mimosa was surrounded by a large cornfield and housed 325 students in grades 1-7.  The original buiding had 12 classroms and 12 teachers.  The area has changed dramatically over the years from a small town setting to a densely populated city.  In keeping pace with the growth of the area, an extensive renovation was completed in 1990 doubling the size of the school.  In 2010 another addition added to the size of the school which grew to over 1200 students.  Mimosa has had three mascots over its history - the mustang, bear and manatee.  The manatee remains the mascot today and is featured in a hand painted mural spanning the entire wall of the cafeteria.

    There have been eight principals at Mimosa Elementary since its opening in 1968.  


    Beverly Thompson | 1968-1971

    Nita Haley | 1971-1972

    Dr. Alex Ashbaugh | 1972-1986

    Linda Markwell | 1986-1998

    Jeannie Woods | 1999-2005

    Cheryl Williams | 2005-2010

    Lynn Johnson | 2010-2014

    Ariane Holcombe | 2014-present