• Extramural Sports for 7th and 8th graders

    Greetings HBMS Families,

    Our supportive student fan section helped cheer our HBMS soccer team to an undefeated season!

    As we move into volleyball and basketball seasons, the process for student fans who would like to attend home sporting events held in the gym will require a pre-purchased ticket. Due to limited seating in the gym and to ensure proper supervision, we will presell 25 tickets for each game to students. Tickets will be $5 and sold during lunch the two days prior to all home games. Students who purchase tickets will be required to leave school at normal dismissal and return for games at 5:30 pm. Students must stay in the gym and if they leave the building during the game, they may not re-enter. All students must have a planned ride home with pick up by 7:20 pm. Students who are not picked up on time will not be allowed to purchase tickets for future events.

    Students without a ticket may only be admitted to games if accompanied by an adult. Adults who bring students without pre-purchased tickets to the game will be responsible for staying with them the entire game. 

    basket ball


    Holcomb Bridge is excited to kick off our 2023 Basketball Season! There will not be an admission charge for games, but students (all grades) must be accompanied by an adult. No drop-offs will be allowed. 

    Holcomb Bridge Basketball Games (Girl's game @ 5:30 and Boy's game @ 6:30)
    1/25/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Sandy Springs - AWAY
    1/27/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Ridgeview - AWAY
    2/1/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Hopewell - AWAY
    2/3/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Haynes Bridge - HOME
    2/8/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Crabapple – HOME
    2/10/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Taylor Road - HOME
    2/15/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs F.A.S.T. - HOME
    2/17/2023 * BYE *
    2/22/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs River Trail - AWAY
    2/24/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Northwestern - HOME
    3/1/2023 5:30 PM Holcomb Bridge vs Autrey Mill - HOME
    3/3/2023 * BYE *


    Coaches List 2022-23
    Position Staff
    Extramural/Intramural Leader Coach Kanter
    Soccer Coach Bass
    Tennis Coach Milligan
    Gymnastics Coach Proctor
    Volleyball – Boys Coach Bass
    Volleyball – Girls Coach Richal
    Basketball – Boys Coach Richal
    Basketball – Girls Coach Reed
    Track-Boys Coach Bass
    Track-Girls Coach Giles/Coach Lyles
    Intramurals – Fall (2) Coach Bass
    Intramurals – Winter (2)  
    Intramurals – Spring (2)  












    Coaches Contact Information

    Athletic Director- Coach Kanter Kanterll@fultonschools.org 

    Soccer- Coach Bass- Bass@fultonschools.org

    Boys Volleyball- Coach Bass-bass@fultonschools.org

    Girls Volleyball- Coach Richal- Richald@fultonschools.org

    Tennis- Coach Milligan-  Milliganh@fultonschools.org 

    Gymnastics- Coach Proctor - Proctore@fultonschools.org 

    Boys Basketball- Coach Richal- Richald@fultonschools.org  

    Girls Basketball- Coach Reed- Reeds3@fultonschools.org

    Boys Track- Coach Bass- Bass@fultonschools.org

    Girls Track- Coach Giles & Coach Lyles - Gilese@fultonschools.org & Lylesl1@fultonschools.org 


    Click here for the necessary forms to participate in all extramural sports

     (English and Spanish available)



    Intramural Sports for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

    Click Here for the Necessary Form to Participate in All Intramural Activities

    Intramural Form- Spanish