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    RHS Club and Organization List 2019-20

    Clubs Sponsor(s) Meeting/Time ​Meeting Location
    Student Council ​—
    Anchor Club Ms. Foti, Mr. Feilen Wednesday mornings 1-2 per month ​E103
    Animal Rescue Club Ms. Rufolo 7:40 am ​D110
    Beta Club Ms. Kennedy 7:45 am, 2-3 times per
    Bible Study Club Mr. Waldroup 7:35 am, Wednesday mornings ​F-105
    Black Student Union Ms. Butler, Ms. Coffee 7:45 am, Wednesdays ​Media Center
    CODE GREEN – Computer Science Club Mr. Lee Mondays after school G125
    Cure Club Ms. Mobley 8am once per month H-119
    Crew Club ​Ms. Omen 7:50 am ​F118
    DnD club Mr. Pickard Thur 3:30 B109​
    Debate club Mr. Pickard Thur 3:30-4:30 B107​
    Young Republicans Dr. Mazur 1st and 4th Tuesday 7:45 H103​
    National German Honor Society Ms. Otte ​E121
    Tri-M Honor Music Society Ms. White-Farnell 7:30 am, morning 1x
    month, TBA
    ​A- 104
    Fencing Ms. Pappas Wednesday 4-6pm Cafeteria​
    Gay-Straight Alliance Ms. Volpert, Mr. McElvaney Every Tuesday, 7:45am D106
    Friends Club Ms. Mobley, Ms. Lazardi Once every 6-8 weeks ​H-119
    Robotics Team Mr. Bishop 4 to 6 Tuesday and
    Politically Minded Mr. Chiclana every Wednesday
    afterschool until 4:30 pm
    Math Team Mr. Brown ​G-118
    National Art Honor Society Ms. Knowles Tuesday mornings A110
    Theatre Troupe Ms. Stern Every Other Tuesdays
    UNICEF Ms. Hunter Every Other Friday
    Key Club Ms. Boyd 4 -6 meetings a year that will be announced F118​
    The Green Hornets- environmental Ms. Katz Tuesday per week ​G122
    Mu Alpha Theta Ms. Kennedy 7:45 AM, Wednesdays G-101​
    Superhero Club Ms. Garrity Thursday mornings
    before school
    Will to Live Ms. Volpert, Mr. Ahmed Wednesday’s, twice a
    month, 7:45
    Language Fusion Club Ms. Kempf, Ms. Otte, Ms. Onuki, Ms. Freeman Wednesdays, 1x/month
    after school
    ​Room E127 (or other world language rooms)
    Ocean Club Ms. Pierce Wednesday 3:45 F 124
    Interact Ms. Pierce, Ms. Porter 1st and 3rd Wednesday
    of every month, 7:45
    G 114
    Speak Your Mind Mr. Long Tuesdays, 7:30 ​Bandroom
    RHS Frisbee Club Mr. Lee Wednesdays after school ​Band practice
    National Honor Society Ms. Gaffigan, Ms. Allegood 2nd Tuesday of the
    month at 7:50
    Hornet Tutors Ms. Kouns 2nd Thursday of each
    month; 7:45am
    HOSA Ms. Hunter Every other Friday morning ​H107
    Model UN Ms. Bethune Mornings before school F106
    Young Democrats Ms. Estevez Morning – twice a month F101
    Red Cross Club Ms. Masters Every other Tuesday
    morning @ 7:45am
    SkillsUSA Mr. Hales 7:30 am 1st Thursday of
    the month
    Girl Up Club Ms. Miller, Ms. Katz,
    Ms. Holby
    Film Club Ms. Gaffigan Wednesday 4-5pm D112​
    FCS Technology Ms. Swearinen N/A Annual FCS
    Technology Competition
    in January
    Media Tech
    Science National Honor Society Ms. Glover 7:45 am H-112
    Gamer’s Lounge Mr. Ahmed Thursdays Afterschool ​F100
    Mountain Biking Club Ms. Pierce Ms. Moeller Thursdays 3:45 ​F 124
    Japanese National Honor Society Ms. Onuki
    Spanish Honors Society/ Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Ms. Player E123​
    National French Honor Society Ms. Kempf 7:45 am, Friday once a month ​E127
    Habitat for Humanity Ms. Jones Monthly meetings in the morning G108
    Table Tennis Club Mr. Bradach Wednesdays 3:45 -5:15 ​Auxiliary Gym
    Youth Environmental Society Club Mrs. Cathy Washington Afternoons, 3:50-4:30
    once or twice a month
    Muslim Student Association Ms. Omen 8am F118​
    Roswell High School Step Team Ms. Biamby Mondays and
    Wednesdays 3:45 to 5:00 pm
    Mat Room PE08