School Name

  • Naming Northwood Elementary

    When Northwood was being built, the county called it "Wooten Road Site." A committee (made up of parents and a few staff members) suggested three names (Northwood, Arbor Ridge, and Pinecrest). The committee finally chose the name "Northwood."


    School Colors

    In the fall of 1996, the children and faculty and staff voted on our school colors. Red, white, and blue were chosen. These three colors have led Explorers to show patriotism over the years.


    Mascot - Explorer  Northwood Mascot

    The Explorer is our school mascot. The Explorer could be either a boy or a girl. The Explorer could be any race. Because the Explorer could go into space, explore the world, and explore the unknown, it is a mascot without boundaries! The Biplane became a secondary symbol carrying the Explorer.


    Northwood Logo      Northwood Logo

    The Northwood Logo was designed in 1996 by Ken Mack-Solden, a Northwood parent and graphic designer. The “N” is not square like a traditional capital letter N. It bends on both sides, showing flexibility. Mr. Solden came up with the motto, “Where reaching for the stars is elementary!” Six stars are inside the N, each star representing each grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade, and a hand reaches upward inside the N toward the stars.


    Northwood’s Mission Statement

         Northwood…A caring community where a passion for learning inspires students to reach for their BEST!

    Northwood’s Vision Statement

         Northwood is a community that nurtures the emotional, social, and academic well-being of all children by building collaborative relationships, creating engaging learning environments, and celebrating all successes.

    Northwood’s Eco Vision

         Serving our earth, learning to become better citizens through our stewardship of natural resources, and creating a sustainable future for all. 


    Northwood Pledge

    Northwood children recite this pledge every day!

    Today I pledge to do my best. I will respect others.

    I will look at ways to grow and improve.

    My life makes a difference at Northwood Elementary.


    Northwood Art: Hallway Murals, Sculpture, 3d art in the Media Center and Cafeteria

    Walk of Stars

    During our first year the community painted the blue stars (graduated sizes) all the way around the school and down the sidewalks to lead the way to the school. Periodically, these stars are re-painted.

    Hallway Names

    In our second year 1997, our art teacher, Lisa Gould, designed three themes for our three wings. These scenes represent three areas of Georgia.

    • River Walk – K-1st hallway (scenes from the rivers and waters of Georgia)
    • Mountain View – 2nd 3rd hallway (scenes from the mountains of Georgia)
    • Seascape – 4th-5th hallway (scenes from the coastal areas of Georgia)

    In 2013, an additional hallway was named called College Avenue which featured pennants from colleges our families attended.

    Our commitment to the environment was commemorated in 2014 by naming the hallway outside the cafeteria Eco Alley.

    In 2015, Community Circle (the front atrium), Parent Parkway (hallway leading from the clinic to the cafeteria) and Enrichment Way (hallway from Riverwalk to the Gym) were named so we could celebrate all our stakeholders.

     Murals & Artwork

    The hallway murals in Northwood are iconic and were the result of the community’s collective sweat equity. In 1997, the hallway murals were designed by the art teacher Lisa Gould who drew the scenes on the walls, and parents, teachers, and staff members did their best to paint the scenes.  During the summer of 2012, Northwood was repainted.  The Local School Association Community along with Fulton School’s operations team managed to keep the least damaged sections of the murals that could be preserved and restored.  Northwood’s Foundation funded the restoration and preservation of the original murals

    Northwood’s outstanding hand-painted, three-dimensional artwork in the media center and the cafeteria were created by the Roswell based Icon, Inc. (Artist Mary Jane Stone). The precise painting and intricate details of the artwork are breath-taking. One could sit and gaze at the paintings for hours on end. One side of the cafeteria features the great American landmarks, and the other side features the great American inventors. These inventors have changed the way our world operates. This art is supposed to inspire students to “reach for the stars.” In addition, the Smart Choices mural was added by Mary Jane Stone in 2016. This mural was voted on by Northwood students and encourages making smart eating and exercise choices for a healthy body and mind.

    In October 2019 Northwood’s Foundation enhanced the school by installing “Unity.”  The Roswell bike rack project and the Roswell Arts Foundation commissioned Mr. Nathan Price to create this interactive sculpture to greet all visitors before they enter the schoolhouse.  The artist Mr. Pierce created “Unity” to explore the idea of what it means to understand one another.  He said that in a community we all have different ideas and come from different places but what helps connect us all is our shared perspectives.  The different colored heads are transparent acrylic which offers the viewer a new perspective and teaches us to see the world through a different lens - these differences Unite us. 

    School Dedication Song-“School of Faith”

    This song was adapted from the song, “Household of Faith” by Steve Green. Ed Sanker, the husband of Ginny Sanker (one of our former secretaries) wrote the words for this song for Northwood. 

    Here we are at the start

    Committing to each other

    By our words and from our hearts.

    We will be a family

    In a school that will be a home,

    And with faith we’ll build it strong.

    We’ll build a school full of faith

    That together we can make,

    And when the strong winds blow

    It can’t fall down.

    As each of us will grow,

    And the whole world will know

    That we are a school full of faith

    Now to be a family

    We’ve got to help each other

    At any cost, unselfishly.

    And our school must be a place

    That fully abounds with grace

    A reflection of each face.

    We’ll build a school full of faith

    That together we can make,

    And when the strong winds blow

    It can’t fall down.

    As each of us will grow,

    And the whole world will know


Northwood Elementary School
Northwood Elementary School

Contact Information

  • Northwood Elementary School

    10200 Wooten Rd. 

    Roswell, GA 30076


    Phone: 470-254-6390

    Fax: 470- 254-6397

    School Hours: 7:40-2:20


Cluster Information

School Data

  • Grades
    Kindergarten- 5th Grade

    School Day
    7:40 a.m.–2:20 p.m.

    Red, white & blue


    Average Enrollment: 650