• Dear Parents, 

    It has been an honor to be a part of the Northwood community both as an educator and a parent. Northwood is a beautiful school tucked away in a quiet scenic corner of Roswell. It provides a perfect setting for children to grow and thrive amongst nature. Thank you for sharing your children - they are truly a gift to us.

    I would like to share something about me personally and professionally - my husband and I have lived in metro Atlanta over 30 years. I moved to Atlanta from India for graduate school. I completed both my Doctorate and master’s degree in Education from Georgia State University in 1992 and 2000, respectively.

    My educational career in United States began in Cobb County School Systems as a special education teacher. I have served the Fulton County Board of Education since 2002. During this time, I have worked in three schools as a teacher, Curriculum Support Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal. I joined Northwood ES as an Assistant Principal in 2007 and was named its principal in 2010.

    Even though I have spent over a decade at Northwood, the community, the children, and the team continue to energize and amaze me every day of the year.  Northwood is truly a community school, and it has been a joy to see students return as parents and educators year after year. In this fast-changing world, Northwood prides itself for serving multi-generational families for over 25 years and remains an integral part of the Roswell community!

    Elementary school years are special because there are so many “firsts” and because school lasts for six years, longest as compared to the other levels. During elementary years, children graduate from “school at home” to school at Northwood. It is my belief that parents are the first teachers of their children and they play a central role in their child's education. In this spirit, I invite you to participate in open, honest, and continuous communication with us to ensure a successful home-school partnership.

    The first step to ensure seamless communication is to provide the office and the teacher your current contact information. Keep in touch with your teachers via student agenda, Microsoft Teams, email, or phone. Your teacher will provide you with pertinent information regarding assignments and tests via email on a weekly basis. Administration and office will send you weekly principal texts and letters and the school newsletter “The BEST.” Importantly, please check your child's grades on the Campus Parent portal on a regular basis. Lastly, keep connected with Northwood’s parent organizations namely Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Governance Council (SGC) and the Foundation via newsletters and the school website.

    The passion and dedication of our PTA has continually impacted instruction at our school. Our PTA is an amazing group of people who commit to focus their time, talents, energies and resources for all our children's education and welfare. Throughout the year PTA sponsors several social events for families, they raise money for enrichment activities, professional development, and field trips. I encourage you to become an active serving member of our PTA.

    Northwood is very fortunate to have a Foundation. Our Foundation is organized exclusively for public charity.  Since 1996 the Foundation has funded educational art projects (murals and sculptures), educational software, one to one student devices, literacy initiatives (book vending machine, foundational literacy SRA-reading program), building enhancement projects (landscaping, courtyard upgrade, audio visual installations in the cafeteria & gym), professional development for teachers and so on. Please consider getting involved with our Foundation.

    Attend SGC meetings to participate in school governance. SGC consists of both elected and appointed members from the parent body, school, and the community. The SGC works with school leadership and the community to determine the long-term vision of the school, design innovative solutions to increase academic achievement, and serve as ambassadors to the local community.  Specifically, the SGC has the following responsibilities:

    • Approve the school strategic plan.
    • Manage the Request for Flexibility process.
    • Approve the annual budget recommendations and related allocations.
    • Participate in the hiring of the principal, in the case of a vacancy.
    • Provide annual feedback to the Area Superintendent on principal performance.
    • Serve on the Superintendents Council.

    During my tenure we have revised school goals and vision to keep up with the ever-changing educational landscape. What has remained constant - is our core intent, which is to serve and nurture all our students emotionally, socially, and academically. We are committed to making every year an exceptional experience for students. Our teams work together in ways that would lead to better outcomes for all students. Our goal is for teachers to engage in collective inquiry to identify essential student learning, create lesson plans, develop assessments, analyze scores, and set achievement goals. Our focus is to ensure that all our students receive the best instruction from an action-oriented team of educators and parents. Yes, we cannot do it alone and we rely heavily on parent organizations to live our mission and vision. 

    As principal, it is important for me that my team, parents, and students become partners. It is essential that all of us come to school every day happy and ready give it our best. A positive attitude will enable us to become problem solvers in a fun nurturing environment.

    Thank you in advance for supporting your child's success at school in the classroom and through our parent organizations. Let us all commit to making a greater effort towards communicating with each other. If I can ever be of assistance, please email or call me.

    With Pride,

    Ritu Ahuja