• volunteer  

    All persons interested in volunteering in the Fulton County School District are required to complete


    (Click link above to register)


    To ensure all volunteers are registered in Fulton County's updated volunteer system, 

    all volunteers must complete a NEW  VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION application

     On or After January 1st, 2024 



    Be sure to register if you are: 

    *A kindergarten parent

    *A new family to Fulton County

    *Completed volunteer registration BEFORE January 1, 2024

    *Have not completed volunteer registration before

    *Are not certain if your registration was completed



    Reminders as You Begin the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION Process:

          • Please be sure to use your full, legal name when registering. 
          • Do NOT use nicknames or "goes by" names on the application.
          • The volunteer registration process takes about 15 minutes
          • In accordance with Georgia State Law, all volunteers must be current with the Child Abuse Reporting Protocol Trainingbefore volunteering in a Fulton County School. 
          • All applicants must wait 24 hours after applying for application processing and approval.