• School Clubs:

    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is for 4th + 5th grade students who enjoy STEM. It meets twice a month on Wednesdays starting in October.


    Ukulele Club is for 4th + 5th grade students who would like to learn to play the ukulele. It meets once a week from September-December.

    Student Council

    Student Council is for 4th + 5th grade students who would like to be a leader and respresnt their class. Student Council Members are elected inSeptember and meet one Wednesday a month.


    Afterschool Programs:

    Please direct any questions to the personnel listed below.  

    Kid Chess

    Kid Chess teaches chess in a fun and educational environment.  Children learn chess strategies and concepts through cartoons, demonstrations, and play! Regular chess, speed chess, and partner chess are just a few of the game variants utilized. Chess Makes You Smart, We Make It Fun!  A tried and true favorite, Kid Chess is on Tuesday afternoons and offers a choice of two time slots, or a child may participate in both hours. Registration and more information is available at www.kidschess.com

    Chess Club CVES Flyer



    For K-5 students, this is a fun introduction to playing the piano/keyboard taught on electric keyboards with headsets for each child. The course covers how to read and play sheet music, basic music theory and more.

    Kidz Keys Flyer 2021-22



    Guitar Club

    Guitar Club 2021-22 Flyer


    YMCA Prime Time

    YMCA Prime Time after-school program provides a safe, supportive environment with realistic and appropriate expectations. Positive interaction & exciting enhancement programs help children build a strong foundation. One of the goals of the after-school program is character development. The YMCA develops character by teaching and demonstrating values. We use positive adult role models to teach the four basic values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.


    Ivey Bridge Academy Debate Club 

    Ivy Bridge Academy's After-School Public Speaking & Debate program offers a chance for students to learn and engage with current events through the activity of Debate. Students enhance their research skills, critical thinking, organizational skills, persuasion tactics, and information processing by learning about both sides of an issue and being able to persuasively argue for either side. 

    Students who participate in our program will leave with a sense of accomplishment, newfound confidence, and a skill set that will help them through the rest of their schooling and even into adulthood. A main focus will be on creating and delivering persuasive speeches in front of their peers. The program is offered for Grades 3-5. Creek View Info

    Ivy Debate Website


    Excellence In Etiquette - Etiquette & Cooking For Kids

    Excellence In Etiquette: Our "Etiquette & Cooking for Kids" program teach students "life skills."  Students have fun preparing delicious dishes. They learn a combination of cooking and etiquette skills.  In our class, students enjoy "mixing, measuring, making, and tasking" a different dish each week, and learn various table set-up techniques.  Our program involves cake/cupcake decorating, edible food art, and dishes from appetizers to salads, from main course dishes to desserts. At the end of each session, students receive a chef's hat and recipe cards.  We offer two sessions with all new recipes. Please register immediately on our website.

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