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    Counselors are OUT OF OFFICE from June 3-July 15. 

    CLICK HERE for Summer 2024 Counseling FAQs!

    The last contract day for MHS Counselors is Monday, June 3. Counselors will return on Monday, July 15. We will not be monitoring email while on break. A counselor on duty will be available for Microsoft Teams meetings scheduled via Calendly from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the dates listed below. Click the date to book a meeting:

    If live discussion is not needed, students can submit an electronic support request, which will be addressed by the next counselor on duty each Tuesday. This link is NOT for emergencies. Link for non-live summer counseling support: www.bit.ly/miltonsummersupport24

    A county-appointed counselor will be available to offer summer support for Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 Dual Enrollment students. Please use the following link to request Dual Enrollment assistance: Dual Enrollment Summer Support Request 



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  • Senior Exit Tasks

    The Senior Exit Tasks are NOW OPEN! All Seniors are required to complete all applicable tasks below. All students must complete their tasks no later than Friday, May 10.

    Senior Exit Tasks

    Naviance - Senior Exit Survey Instructions


    Summer School 2024

    Have you previously failed a credit that you need for graduation? If you answered yes, you qualify for multiple FREE summer opportunities to catch up in credits!

    Option 1: F2F Summer School at Milton HS

    • Students must attend all 20 days in the F2F environment. This summer school attendance policy is NEW as of Summer 2024.
    • Students can make up ONE credit. This can be a yearlong course you failed, or two different 0.5 credits you failed.
    • Students are not permitted to take more than ONE credit in F2F summer school.

    Option 2: Fulton Virtual (FVS) Online

    • Students must remain in the US to take the course. The platform will not work internationally.
    • Students can make up ONE credit. This can be a yearlong course you failed, or two different 0.5 credits you failed.
    • Students can accelerate ONE credit. This can be a yearlong course, or two different 0.5 credits. Courses for acceleration do incur a tuition fee.
    • Students are not permitted to take more than ONE credit in FVS summer school.

    Option 3: Fulton County Credit Recovery (FCCR)

    • Students are able to complete FCCR courses remotely over the summer.
    • Students can make up one 0.5 credit at a time in FCCR.
    • Once a 0.5 credit is earned in FCCR, the student can sign up for another. There is no limit to how many FCCR courses you take over summer.
    • FCCR courses DO NOT count for NCAA eligibility; if you plan on playing college sports, this is NOT the option for you.




    Please view SUMMER SCHOOL 2024 FLYER for information on the following:

    • Summer School Start/End Dates
    • EOC Dates for following courses:
      • Biology B
      • Algebra B
      • US History B
      • 11th Lit B
    • Course Options
    • Tuition Rates
      • FREE if you are taking a course you previously failed
      • Tuition charges are only for students taking a course for acceleration
      • Discount rates available for Free/Reduced Lunch students
    • Transportation


    Registration for Summer 2024 Online is OPEN

    As of March 1, 2024 the registration portals for FVS and GAVS are open and accepting Summer 2024 enrollments. Please read the instructions below thoroughly.

    Rising 9th Grade students: You must have your middle school counselor approve your courses. Since your student is not officially at Milton HS until the Fall, high school counselors cannot approve your courses for you.

    Rising 10th-12th Grade students: You must submit your course requests in VECTOR (via IC) for FVS courses and on the GAVS website for GAVS courses. Your assigned counselor will approve or deny your requests. 


    FVS Information

    Summer 2024 Information for FVS

    How To Register in VECTOR

    FVS Summer 2024 Course Catalog


    GAVS Information

    GAVS Frequently Asked Questions

    GAVS Summer 2024 Course Catalog


    Registration Update (2/28/24)

    The February course verification process has concluded. Students received a Verification of Change form on green paper in Advisement on Friday, February 23, reflecting all requested changes submitted by the February 14 deadline. Keep this form for your records.

    Any student who missed deadlines to submit paperwork must wait until the final course verification after Spring Break to make additional changes. Remember, these forms are not a schedule; schedules are not created until July. You will not miss any course opportunities between now and the April round.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your assigned counselor.


    Registration Timeline for 2024-2025 SY

    As shared in the Registration 101 Sessions and on the Eagle Update, you can view the detailed registration timeline below:


    Course selections during registration are considered FINAL. There are limited to no opportunities for additional changes beyond these deadlines. Students are advised to use the time allotted to make educated decisions; turning in the Verification Form faster does not mean you have a better chance of getting your desired schedule. Thank you!


    Registration 101 Sessions

    Registration 101: Rising 9th

    Registration 101: Rising 10th

    Registration 101: Rising 11th

    Registration 101: Rising 12th


    Letters of Recommendation & Transcript Requests

    Important Dates:

    August 7: Counselor LOR Request form opens. Submit your request at www.bit.ly/miltonLOR23

    August 7: Senior Brag Sheet is open in Naviance

    September 1: Counselors BEGIN writing LORs. We will not write any letters before this date.

    September 15: Senior Brag Sheets DUE in Naviance for all students who will need a letter for the 2023-2024 SY

    We will not write you a letter without the Senior Brag Sheet on file. The Senior Brag Sheet is located within your Naviance Tasks:

    1. Log in to FCS ClassLink
    2. Select 'Naviance-Stu'
    3. Click on 'Important To-Dos and Tasks'
    4. Click on 'Senior Brag Sheet'
    5. Click on 'Take this Survey'

    How to request a Teacher LOR: CLICK HERE

    How to request a Counselor LOR: CLICK HERE


    We are no longer using Naviance to send transcripts or supplemental application materials for Seniors. Students can request transcripts in their application platform and counselors can now send through there (CommonApp, Coalition, Common Black App, etc.)


    If you are applying Direct to Institution or need a transcript for any other reason, use ScribOrder to request a transcript: https://fultonga.scriborder.com/