Interscholastic Activity Program (Athletics)


    2021-22 Athletic Covid Protocols for Fall

    2021-22 Athlete/Parent Handbook


    The Interscholastic Activity Program in Fulton County Schools (FCS) is an important part of the educational process. The program in Fulton County Schools strives to produce well-rounded student athletes. It provides opportunities for learning experiences in athletics which are difficult to duplicate and replicate in other school activities.

    The athletic office of Fulton County Schools strives to support the students, principals, and athletic directors located at each high school. This office is the primary contact for the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), and the office serves as the compliance director for Title IX.

    Student athletes in FCS learn what is called the Hidden Curriculum of participation in extracurricular activities. The Hidden Curriculum teaches the importance of team-work, time management, cooperation, self- discipline, ability to deal with success and failure, loyalty, pride in their communities, and good sportsmanship. Participation in the Interscholastic Activity Program is entirely voluntary.

    The Athletic Department:

    • Supports all athletic programs located in the 15 high schools participating in GHSA sports.
    • Serves as the Gender Equity Compliance officer for the school district.
    • Facilitates the payment of all community coaches for the district.
    • Manages the payment of all gate workers, ticket holders, and game managers.
    • Coordinates and approves all athletic field trips for the district.
    • Schedules ambulance coverage for all football games.
    • Serves as the primary contact for the NCAA eligibility center.
    • Provides professional development and training for all school athletic directors.
    • Assists in the recruitment and interviewing of head coaching candidates.
    • Serves as the primary support for the high school principals and local school athletic directors with any athletic issues.
    • Responds to public/parent concerns regarding athletics for the district and the GHSA.
    • Attends games and athletic events as a representative for FCS.
    • Serves as the primary contact for the GHSA.
    • Ensures all high schools remain in compliance with FCS and GHSA policies and procedures.
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