• Clubs and Organizations for 20-21 


    VIRTUAL CLUB DAY - SEP 16     ALL STUDENTS should review the list of clubs and organizations during Chatt Time, Lunch Period, or after school. Students should then engage the materials for that organization that are provided by the club. Any questions can be directed to the Sponsor or student leader.

    All students are encourged to select at least one club or organization to engage with.



    Starting a Club:

    Club Info:  For Students: Student Info   For Sponsors/Staff: Staff Sponsor Responsibilities


    Charter Application Charter Application

    Hooch Clubs and Orgs will start out virtually this year (2020-21). Clubs still need to have sponsors to attend virtual meetings that are official "Chattahoochee" events or meetings.  Before Clubs can recruit or meet virtually, they must submit a charter application and that must be approved by administration. Charter applications will be accepted starting August 17 through September 9. Returning clubs can submit an edited version of last year's charter with any updated changes.


    Clubs and Orgs should establish a web page or virtual link to information to be used for promoting their Club during the week of Sep 14 as well as for ongoing information for interested parents and students. We are targeting Sep 16 as our Virtual Club Day and encourage all of our students to review options via our Activities web page during that week.


    Charter Applications and Club Information/Virtual Links should be sent to Mr. Berry at berryg@fultonschools.org as soon as possible and no later than Sep 9.