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  • Media Center Policies and Procedures

    Students may use the Media Center as a workspace for school-related activities and research using print and Internet resources, computer activities, quiet study, and book selection for academic or recreational reading.  Work time may include project work for classes, group collaboration, virtual meetings, dual enrollment and off-campus workspace, and other activities that follow the guidelines below while still providing an appropriate environment for others to work.

    The instructional purpose of the Media Center is to ensure that students become successful users of information resulting in information literacy. Students will learn:

    • How to choose from a variety of sources for information to meet their needs

    • How to access print and non-print resources efficiently and effectively

    • How to discern a credible source from a non-credible source

    • How to cite bibliographic sources from academic research

    • See  Research Resource Page for Details

    New Password


    • Books may be checked out for two weeks with a two-week renewal.

    • Fees are charged for items that are returned late. Replacement costs are charged for lost or damaged items.

    • Multiple Online "EBooks" are also available for digital checkout for the same time period - See MackinVia & Sora Below!
    • Headphones may also be checked out on a limited basis to help students complete projects for class.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    • Students may access the Internet for academic-related purposes only.

    • Riverwood complies with ALL Fulton County Board policies and procedures regarding computer, phone and Internet usage.

    • Refer to the Fulton County School Board Acceptable Use Policy and Procedure and please SIGN OFF digitally in IC as soon as you have a chance!



    >All students must have a written PASS from their teacher to verify permission to miss class time, and must SIGN IN digitally upon arrival to stay.

    >Voices must remain at a minimum so those around you cannot hear the entire conversation, which may disrupt others from their work.

    >No Eating or Drinking in the Media Center, other than water during the regular school day.

    >Any Audio being played from devices must utilize earbuds or headphones to avoid noise pollution in our space.

    >Small group/study rooms can be reserved with Ms Carrier for use for virtual meetings, online class meetings and group project collaborations. *Use the booking link to the left.

    >No moving of furniture or removal of items from the media center without approval or checkout.

    >Students may step out of the media center at any time to take/make phone calls or to eat a snack in close proximity to the library.

    >Ms. Carrier reserves the right to send students back to class or to an alternate work location after multiple requests to follow the rules above. 

Media Center Mission Statement

  • The Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology department promotes academic excellence by empowering student and staff to be effective, discriminating users of ideas and information. Additionally, Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology Instructors (METIs) assist instructional staff in using technology effectively for differentiating instruction and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students. The Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology department facilitates the development of balanced and relevant collections of digital and print resources for teacher and student use. Digital resources are provided for all students that are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

  • *The following resources can easily be accessed through  FCS Classlink by Single Sign On Login or by using the links below: 

    Destiny Discover

    Destiny Discover is the ​main resource the Media Center uses for immediate information on Media Center news, activities, and resources. Destiny Discover provides a single discovery interface for students and educators to search and access all your print and digital resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive books, as well as free and paid subscription databases.

    Link to Destiny Discover  (or you can link to Destiny Discover in ClassLink)  Students sign in with their Student ID number and password.


    Destiny Home

    SORA - Sora is a FREE digital depository of online books, audiobooks and magazines to help you/your students investigate reading materials online at any time from any web-based device.  Access can be granted through FCS Classlink or by CLICKING HERE to view any of our digital magazines available to students online.

    Sora Home


    Mackin Logo

    MACKIN VIA is Fulton County's primary digital storehouse of titles and resources for your student for every genre of books including audiobooks, research databases and Ebooks, all available online at any time and searchable by reading levels, subject and grade level.  The Research Databases that are available through MackinVia are Fulton's primary research options for students in hgih school and on the IB or advanced track toward graduation.  It can be accessed by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.

    MackinVia Home

The Media Specialist



Degrees and Certifications:

Currently Pursuing - ABD Kennesaw State University - Kennesaw, GA Ed.D. Program - Instructional Technology Leadership Valdosta State University - Valdosta, GA Specialist Degree – Instructional Technology Full Sail University - Orlando, FL Masters Degree - Educational Technology & Media Development Kennesaw State University - Kennesaw, GA Bachelor of Science Degree – Middle Grades Education

Ms. Ann Marie Carrier

The Media & Education Technology Specialist works with students and teachers providing formal and informal instruction in research skills, reading advocacy, information literacy skills, technology applications while engaging students in activities that inspire them to learn more through the various resources available to us digitally and on paper.  

Ms. Carrier has a background in middle & high school education as well as multiple degrees in Education Technology where her passions include finding new and innovative ways to engage students using technology to enrich classroom content and to inspire others to learn.  Her research is currently focused on how to use virtual reality to replace real world experiences with students to increase learning and interest in science, which she plans to pursue while working in the media center here at Riverwood with students.

No matter what your students are learning, researching or wanting to know, Ms. Carrier is committed to helping students move to the next level in their work and to reach success in whatever they endeavor.  She hopes the media center becomes a learning hub for all, a place where students can come to learn, to grow, to be inquisitive and to inspire others to investigate possibilities for their lives they never knew existed.

Feel free to contact the Media Specialist, Ms. Ann Marie Carrier, with any questions or ways that she can help at

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