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  • Renaissance Middle School Counseling Department does not only consist of Counselors, but it also consists of a team of people who are dedicated to the success of the Student Services Department. Student Services’ purpose is to serve the RMS student body by ensuring each scholar receives the resources needed to reach his or her full potential. Student Services operates as an integral entity providing academic concerns, social/emotional support, records maintenance, and scheduling-related questions. Student Services has several team members:


    Ms. Browder                 Assistant Principal/Student Information Coordinator

    Dr. Maria Bazile            8th Grade Counselor/AVID Counselor

    Mr. Ronnie Andrews    7th Grade Counselor/FV Coordinator

    Ms. Benqueshya Milligan         6th Grade CounselorMs. Edwards        Data ClerkMs. S. Davis         RegistrarMs. Farmer          IST (Instructional Support Teacher)Mrs. Wood           504/SST Support Specialist

    Mrs. Washington  Community in Schools



    Family Ties

  • Steps to College and Career Readiness at RMS

    YouScience is an online career and personal planning assessment system that helps teens and adults identify their own potential aptitudes and careers.


    What is YouScience?

    YouScience allows scholars access to an online career and personal planning assessment system to take a series of assessments and receive a comprehensive report. That report includes their performance on the assessments and it also explains how the assessments reflect their strengths and weaknesses--strengths to capitalize upon and weaknesses to overcome or workaround. All of that information is then translated into suggestions for college majors (If the test taker indicates they are college-bound) and careers. 


    College and Career Readiness Hub

    Research as shown that if students are not on target for college and career readiness by the time they reach 8th grade, the impact may be nearly irreversible. The goal of the counselors at RMS is to focus on getting more students on target for college and career readiness by the end of eighth grade. Our goals as counselors are to get students prepared to maximize the benefits of high school. Visit the Counseling Suite and speak with your counselor today about Trades, Colleges, Military Service, and Technical School options. Remember everyone's path to success will look different, find yours!

Counseling Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Counseling Department is to build a comprehensive developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Programs developed by the Counseling Department will be driven by the unique ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of the entire student population with the end goal of removing barriers to student learning and encouraging achievement at the highest level for each student. Through a partnership with students, educators, parents, and the community, the  Counseling Department will prepare students academically and socially to be productive members and leaders of society.

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  • The Counselors at RMS provide many services, to include Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Academic Support, College and Career Readiness, and Crisis Intervention.

    If you need to fax our Counseling Department, the fax number is 470-254-8566.

  • Counselor's Corner

    F2F/Virtual Individual Counseling- RMS Counselors employ their expertise by identifying student problems as well as resolving these problems using established counseling methods.

    F2F/Virtual Group Counseling- RMS Counselors group multiple students of similar ages, who are dealing with similar issues together to accomplish similar goals using established counseling methods and topics.

    F2F/Virtual Guidance Sessions-  are sessions that are developed, implemented, and managed to ensure a comprehensive school counseling program is being offered to serve the academic, social, and career development needs of students enrolled at Renaissance Middle School.

    Crisis Intervention- RMS Counselors' goals of crisis intervention are to provide counseling, screening, and referrals to any individuals potentially affected by a traumatic event using established counseling methods.
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