• Grading Policies

    Grading Policy Information


    Language Arts

    ​​​​Fulton County Literacy Vision

    All students will be readers, writers, listeners, and speakers in order to learn to their full potential.

    Fulton County Literacy Mission

    Provide each student with evidence-based, explicit literacy instruction; personalized supports; and resources across all content areas so that each student will achieve above average growth each year.

    English Language Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence



    The goals of the K-5 mathematics program are to:

    • Meet the needs of individual students by providing on-level, advanced, or accelerated placement options;

    • Build students’ appreciation of mathematics and its relationship to other disciplines;

    • Promote students’ confidence in their own mathematical abilities;

    • Assist students in becoming mathematical problem-solvers;

    • Provide opportunities for students to communicate their ideas about mathematics;

    • Develop students; mathematical reasoning skills;

    • Enable students to utilize calculators and computers as problem-solving tools;

    • Encourage participation in cooperative learning;

    • Develop concepts and skills measured on standardized tests; and

    • Enable parents to understand and support the program.

    Mathematics Standards of Excellence



    Fulton County Schools' goals for science education are :

    • Engage and explore scientific concepts through science and engineering practices;
    • Experience the richness and excitement of knowing about and understanding the natural world;
    • Use appropriate habits of mind and understandings of the nature of science and scientific principles in making personal decisions;
    • Engage intelligently in public discourse and debate about matters of scientific and technological concern

    Science Georgia Standards of Excellence


    Social Studies

    Fulton County's School's goals for social studies are:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of social studies.
    • Learn to apply the skills necessary for processing information.
    • Make informed and reasoned decisions.
    • Demonstrate an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity.
    • Demonstrate democratic principles and actively participate in civic processes.
    • Evaluate the nature of the global community.

    Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence