• The Georgia Performance Standards and Quality Core Curriculum, national standards and local objectives guide system curriculum planning, development of curriculum guides, textbook adoptions and assessments. Curriculum implementation supports the Board of Educations vision for increased emphasis on academics for all students.

    Ms. Natasha Smith (smithnt1@fultonschools.org) is the Curriculum Support Teacher (CST) at Evoline C. West. Her responsibilities include guiding placement for students, monitoring instruction in classrooms, assisting teachers with instructional strategies, and providing professional development and resources.

    Ms. Ayanna Demery (demery@fultonschools.org) K-5 Reading Coach, Ms. Alma Loredo (loredoa@fultonschools.org) K-2 Reading Coach and Ms. Shelly Ann Scott (hamiltons@fultonschools.org) Instructional Math Coach also assist with monitoring instruction in classrooms, coaching teachers on instructional strategies/best practices, providing professional development and providing resources.

    If you have any questions about the curriculum, student achievement, classroom instruction, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out.  

    At the state website, you will find a complete list of Georgia Performance Standards as well as strategies for helping your child at home.