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    Counseling Program Mission

    The mission of the Campbell Elementary School counseling program is to provide all students with the tools necessary for optimal growth and developlment in the areas of academics, social-emotional competency, and welcoming school culture. Our students, parents, faculty, and community stakeholders, through an inclusive and adaptive school environment fostered by the counseling plan, will become accountable and industious leaders in their community. 


    Counseling Program Vision

    The students of Campbell ES are diverse learners who are celebrated for their uniqueness, talents, and aspirations. The learning environment features a collaboration inclusive of teachers, administrators, parents, helping professionals and stakeholders that encompasses an intentional focus on students acquiring academic, personal/social and career proficiencies ultimately preparing them for college and the workforce.


Counseling and Guidance Supported Initiatives

  • Our Counselor 

    Picture of Mr. Kellam

    Byron Kellam, LPC, CPCS

    Professional School Counselor

    504 Coordinator 

    Office Phone: 470-254-9136

    Cell Phone: 470-473-8536



  • A Character Word from

    Mr. Kellam & Friends

    Click here to hear more about what it means to be CARING. 

    Click here to hear more about what it means to show ACCOUNTABILITY. 

    Click here to hear more about what it means to be DILIGENT.

    Click here to hear more about what it means to MOTIVATED. 

    Click here to hear about what it means to be FORGIVING. 


  • Remote Learning Mental Health Corner 

    Click here for more information about social distancing. 

    Click here for more informarion about mental health during COVID-19 in English. 

    Click here for more information about mental health during COVID-19 in Spanish. 

    Click here for a resource to help us all stay cool, calm, and collected during this time. 

  • Zen from Within

    Click here to learn more about Campbell's newest initiative funded by the COVID-19 grant that was awarded to our school.

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