Academics Overview

  • ELA Program Overview

     In Fulton County we believe that the language arts classroom is a place where students begin to connect their own lives to the lives of others through great literature. We believe a balanced language arts program gives students opportunities to read and respond critically to literature; to write creatively, expressively, and analytically; to develop effective oral language skills; to investigate and present topics of interest using research methods; and to use media and technology to communicate for a variety of purposes.


    • Through our language arts program, the learner will:

      • Enjoy, appreciate, and evaluate language in all its forms.
      • Listen, read, view, and think critically.
      • Write and speak effectively for a variety of formal and informal audience and purposes.
      • Pre-write, draft, revise, edit, publish, and reflect as a means to more effective writing.
      • Choose and apply appropriate reading strategies in order to analyze and evaluate written texts.


      Mathematics Overview 


      The mission of the Fulton County Schools Mathematics Department is to increase student achievement, by supporting schools and community.  We strive to help students demonstrate mastery of the standards.  We are committed to providing a high quality mathematics curriculum and professional development that reflects both the art and science of effective teaching.  We want to prepare all students to be successful in their future endeavors.