Media Center Mission Statement

  • The Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology department promotes academic excellence by empowering student and staff to be effective, discriminating users of ideas and information. Additionally, Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology Instructors (METIs) assist instructional staff in using technology effectively for differentiating instruction and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students. The Fulton County Schools Media and Educational Technology department facilitates the development of balanced and relevant collections of digital and print resources for teacher and student use. Digital resources are provided for all students that are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

Media Center Staff


  • The Media Center is a fun and colorful environment designed to provide encouragement and resources to support reading, learning and technology throughout the school.


    "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut

Check-out Policy

  • Kindergarten and first graders may check out one book at a time and should return them in a week. Second through Fifth grade can check out two books at a time and keep them for two weeks.

    We encourage students to challenge themselves and read books that will advance their reading levels.

Lost/Damaged Book Policy

  • In order to preserve the book collection for the students of Campbell, lost or damaged books must be paid for. Any student with a book more than a month overdue, will have his or her check out privileges suspended until the book is returned or paid for.


  • Mackinvia
  • Galielo Research
  • Destiny Discover
  • Common Sense Education
  • Fulton County Library