Counseling Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Counseling Department is to build a comprehensive developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Programs developed by the Counseling Department will be driven by the unique ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of the entire student population with the end goal of removing barriers to student learning and encouraging achievement at the highest level for each student. Through a partnership with students, educators, parents, and the community, the  Counseling Department will prepare students academically and socially to be productive members and leaders of society.

Vision Statement

  • Banneker High School Student Services Mission Statement

    The mission of the Banneker High School Student Services Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental program that addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students. School counselors in partnership with other educational professionals work to produce students who are college and career ready. Our responsibility is to produce students who will be able to succeed in their chosen post-secondary options and goals.


    Banneker High School Student Services Vision Statement

    The vision of the Banneker High School Student Services Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program for all students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be college and career ready so that they can make the right decisions.  All students will be academic or pathway completers, score at or above the ACT/SAT College Readiness Benchmark scores, and graduate on time with their cohort (within 4 years).


    The BHS Student Services Department operates under the belief that:

    · A comprehensive counseling program should be based on and aligned with specified goals as identified by the American School Counseling Model(ASCA).

    · A comprehensive counseling program should support overall school goals.

    · A comprehensive counseling program should address prevention, intervention and student developmental needs.

    · All students are unique and can be successful with supportive networks that include collaboration with parents, community members and school stakeholders.

    · All students have the right to participate in a comprehensive school counseling program.

    · Data should be used to drive program development and evaluation

Counseling Staff Info

  • To schedule an appointment with your student's teachers or counselor, please contact Mrs. Jasmine Brown at


    Working with your counselor is vitally important as your student transitions into high school. For some this transition is

    a smooth one but others come across a few bumps as they try to navigate the road to success in high school. This is why

    we are here- to assist! There are several questions you may have that the counselor may be able to help you with-

    • Which classes should my student be taking?
    • What resources are available for my student to explore his/her career interests?
    • What can my student do now to get ready for college?
    • What programs are available to enhance my student's education?
    • What strategies/resources can my student use to be successful in his/her classes?
    • My student is having problems with his/her friends. Can the counselor help?
    • My student is having emotional problems. What types of resources are available?
    • ​My student has failed courses how can he/she get back on track?



    GCAL ​    

What we do...

  • As your counselors we are responsible for assisting with the personal academic, career/college, and social-emotional development of your student. We as a team we will accomplish this by carrying out a comprehensive counseling plan aimed at meeting the needs of all students.  Below you can find a list of things we will accomplish this academic school year:

    • Academic Guidance
    • College/Career Guidance
    • Individual/Small Group Counseling
    • Social Emotional Support
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Large Group Guidance
    • Parent Conferences
    • Special Events/Programs

Student Services Team Members

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