• Principal's Message

    Dear Bear Creek Family, 


    The 2021-2022 school year is upon us. I hope that you all enjoyed your well-deserved break. The 2020-2021 school year was unprecedented with remote learning, face to face, and simultaneous learning. It was a year of growth and challenges for us all. I am extremely excited for what the upcoming school year will bring. We will continue to work towards closing the achievement gap and leveling the educational playing field for our students.


    We will focus on student achievement, with literacy and mathematics being our primary focus. Our school wide instructional focus will be the following: small group instruction, vocabulary across all content areas, and implementing AVID strategies with fidelity.


    My mission for Bear Creek is to increase student achievement by closing the achievement gap with a vision of ensuring that we are providing rigorous and meaningful instruction to all our students. We will work towards a school culture that truly represents the saying “ALL BEAR CREEK.” Therefore, we will continue to recognize staff members for going above and beyond the expectations for our school community as well as increasing staff morale throughout the year. In addition to recognizing our staff, we will recognize our students for their efforts, showing growth, and mastery.


    We will work hard to make Bear Creek a 70/70/70 school. A 70/70/70 school has a minority population of 70% or higher; free and reduced lunch of 70% or higher; and student achievement of 70% or higher. I would like for us to normalize 70% or higher as the benchmark for student achievement on school and district-wide assessments. This mindset and drive will ensure that our school population is centered around content mastery and growth for all of students.


    To become a 70/70/70 school, we must improve (prioritize) the following:

    · Use assessment to drive instruction (Tier 1 Instruction and Interventions)

    · Improve staff attendance (Relationship and Routines)

    · Rebrand our school (Relationships and Routines)

    · Focus on student discipline (Relationships and Routines)

    These key factors will impact instruction and student achievement at Bear Creek Middle School.


    In conclusion, I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to lead our school community. I want to encourage you to get involved and stay involved. As we move forward during this pandemic, it is extremely important that we all do our part by following the health guidelines mandated by the CDC and take precautionary measures as necessary. These are unprecedented times for our school community. WE GOT THIS and WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. ALL BEAR CREEK!

    ​Felipe O. Jackson
    Bear Creek Middle School

    470-254-6085 Office
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      Mr. Felipe Jackson, Principal