• Applications are now being accepted for current grade 6 and grade 7 students.

    Applications are due March 29.

    Here is the application link for student use only: https://tinyurl.com/ApplyToAVID24 

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    What is AVID?                                                             

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic connections course that prepares students for high school and college. In AVID students receive rigorous instruction that uses tutor and peer facilitated study groups, organizational methods, guest speakers, and academic strategies. The focus is WICOR – using Writing, Inquiry/asking questions, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. It is a class that helps students become better students, classroom leaders, and more confident individuals. AVID serves students who need support, would be the first in their family to attend college, are underrepresented at college, and show great potential to improve academically. For more information on the AVID program, visit the AVID website here.

    What and how do AVID students learn?

    AVID students work on academic and personal goals throughout the year. A primary goal of the AVID program is for students to increase awareness of how they can make personal contributions to their learning, as well how they can contribute to their school and community.

    There is an emphasis on critical reading and writing. We also focus on building collaboration skills by group projects, peer tutoring, and small group (and large group) speaking. Students refine their study skills and test‐taking, note‐taking, and research techniques. They take an active role in field trip and guest speaker preparations and presentations. Their college research includes financial topics and building their knowledge on colleges and careers of interest.              

    AVID students learn reading strategies that will help them in their current courses and future high school courses. Additionally, students work on developing their writing skills. During in-class tutorials, students take ownership of their learning. All students are expected to maintain an organized binder, take notes in all subjects, participate in Socratic Seminars, be active in team-building activities, participate in class debates and discussions, complete homework in all subjects on time and with effort, and so forth. Students are expected to maintain a strong GPA (2.5+), be leaders, and demonstrate good character. Students who earn OSS and ISS will be placed on probation with the potential to be removed at the semester or any 9 week grading period depending on the situation.

    When do students have AVID on their schedule?

    AVID is a year‐long connections course. At Ridgeview, we have 2 periods of 8thgrade AVID, 2 periods of 7th grade AVID, and 1 period of 6th grade AVID Lite*, an AVID preparedness class. Our AVID teacher is Ms. Shepherd. (*Note our 6th grade AVID class is not application-based; it is chosen in the fall of each year using student performance data, site team review, and coordinator/principal selection).

    How can my student be in AVID?

    There is an application, recommendation, and interview process to be considered for AVID. The requirements are:

    • Complete the application.
    • Ask 2 teachers to complete the recommendation form.
    • Participate in the interview process (students who are present at school but fail to show up to their scheduled interview will be rescheduled once, then removed from the applicant pool if they do not show up again)

    The application process includes multiple choice questions, short (1-2 sentences) answers, and a written response (9-15 sentences).

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    Ridgeview is honored and excited to be named an official Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Showcase School, a certified model of AVID instructional methodologies.


    AVID Site Coordinator -

    Ms. Shepherd

    Email: ShepherdS@fultonschools.org


    AVID Program Website