A Message from Our Principal

  •  Shepard



    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to S.L. Lewis Elementary School! We appreciate your visit to our website, and we are excited to share some of the fantastic things that are happening at our school. S.L. Lewis Elementary is a comprehensive elementary school, grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, located in College Park, Georgia. We are proud of our staff and students. Our students continue to make gains in academic achievement and our staff make a significant impact on the College Park, community. Just as important as academic Excellence, a heavy is emphasis is placed on Social Emotional Learning and student interest through a variety of enrichment activities.

    It is our intent to deliver the very best instructional program possible to our students. Our curriculum is extensive, including advanced and acceleration courses, Fine Arts, STEM Education and Exceptional Education options.

    It is our goal that each child will learn to their full potential. Our desire is to provide academic excellence in a warm and supportive school climate. We want each parent to feel that “My child is having a great year at S.L. Lewis Elementary School. Come and explore S.L. Lewis Elementary and “Soar to New Heights!”

    Sheralyn Shepard