Overview and Instructions

  • On this page, you will find everything you need to gear up for the next year, including:Question

    • Timeline and process for course verifications
    • Instructions to view and submit course requests in Infinite Campus
    • Rising grade-level video presentations
    • Special programs video presentations
    • Dual Enrollment and virtual school video presentations

      Please carefully review the times and activities listed below for course requests.

    As you explore the resources available on these pages, you will find a "?" icon on each page. This is a link to a form where you can submit any questions that you may have. Based on your question, a content department chair, counselor, or administrator will contact you through the email you provide to answer your question.

Second Round Course Verifications

  • Is currently closed: 2nd Course Verification Window opens on Monday, March 8, 2021, to 4:00 pm, Friday, March 12, 2021!

    Your course requests from the 1st course verification have been processed and can be viewed in the Academic Plan in Infinite Campus.

    • If you have correct courses with a total of 6.0 credit units à You do not need to do anything!
    • If you do not see the correct courses > You can complete this is currently closed to submit the changes
    • If you have less than 6.0 credit units > You can complete this is currently closed to ADD courses
    • If you have more than 6.0 credit units > You can complete this is currently closedto DROP courses

     Please read the following important reminders BEFORE you submit the form:

    1. Please refer to the Curriculum Handbook (revised 3/4/21) for the latest information.
    2. Summer online courses are not listed in the Academic Plan and will only be added once you complete the courses.
    3. Online courses during the regular school year will be reflected with a placeholder in the Academic Plan (FVS courses will be listed as "FVS Virtual Lab" or "FVS Virtual Lab 1; GAVS courses will have specific course numbers and names). It is the student/parent’s responsibility for registering for FVS and GAVS courses. We cannot guarantee FVS/GAVS courses will be scheduled at the beginning of the end of the academic day.
    4. Beg. Chorus, Beg. Orchestra, Int. Band will be used as a placeholder and will be changed to a specific course after the auditions have been completed.
    5. AP Gov and AP Human Geo are the only two AP classes available for rising 9th-grade students unless you have taken the prerequisite courses.
    6. American Gov't is not available for 9th and 10th-grade students.
    7. Multi-Lit is not available for 12th-grade students as it has no course recovery option. Seniors who have been recommended for Multi-Lit have been switched to World Lit. If you have a different request, you can use the form indicating your new selection.
    8. PE and Health are graduation requirements and must be taken at some point in a student’s high school career. These courses are .5 credit each. If a student is taking only one of these two courses at a time, a second .5 credit elective must be selected. Please see the Curriculum Handbook to determine if a course is .5 credit or 1.0 credit (semester or year-long).
    9. All students must have six (6) credits. If you currently have more than this you will need to drop a course using the form above. If you have less than this you will need to add courses to equal six (6) credits.

    *Counselors are not accepting course requests via email at this time.

Personal Fitness Waivers

  • Personal Fitness Waivers
    Personal Fitness Waivers will be accepted the last seven days of the semester, May 18-May 26, 2021.

Course Registration Process Overview for Rising 9th Grade

New Enrollments

  • New students from non-Fulton County Schools, out of state, private, or home school, please follow the steps at the link below to enroll and register for classes. 

    New Enrollments


Students Attending Innovation Academy in 2021-2022

  • Students attending Innovation Academy for the 2021-2022 school year do not have access to course verification in Infinite Campus. Innovation Academy will be making direct contact with their parents/guardians and students regarding course verification. 


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