Course Registration Process and Timeline

  •  To begin the 2020-2021 registration process, teachers of pre-requisite core courses (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages) are responsible for making appropriate course recommendations for the next school year.  Students will then attend an advisement period (see the timeline below) to learn more about the registration process and timeline, and select their electives through Infinite Campus (Student Campus), on their device. (Rising 9th-grade students will make elective selections on a Course Verification form at their home middle school.) Elective choices, and your student’s teacher recommendations, will create two rounds of Course Verification Forms. Students may make changes to these courses up until the end of this school year, if necessary. The final deadline for course changes for the 2020-2021 school year is May 22, 2020.

    Students are encouraged to pursue an appropriately challenging course of study; however, they should keep in mind that the demands of college-prep, honors-level, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses vary.  Students should consider their entire course load and aim for a balanced schedule by taking into account teacher recommendations, District placement guidelines, course load, extra-curricular commitments, interest level, after-school jobs, future goals, and other factors when signing up for honors-level and AP courses.  Teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to use the matrix at the following link to provide additional guidance in making course selections.  Students who receive two or more ratings of 1 or 2 are not strong candidates for honors or AP classes. 

    Cambridge Course Recommendation Guidelines – See the Cambridge Curriculum Guide

    No student who meets the criteria outlined in the District placement guidelines should be prevented from taking a course, but this is only one criterion used to determine appropriate placement.  District placement guidelines can be found at the link below.

    Fulton County Schools Placement Guidelines

    In determining placement for students who fall short of the criteria, overall aptitude demonstrated by evidence from past performance and teacher feedback should be considered, always bearing in mind what is in the best interests of the student. 

    After considering teacher recommendations and the guidance charts, parents may sign a waiver for placement in an accelerated, honors, or Advanced Placement course if a student does not meet the District placement guidelines. 



    Deadline for making changes to 2020-2021 Courses

    May 22, 2020


    Read more about the Course Registration process and timeline, as well as access Course Registration resources.