• Need Tech Support?

    Device support is available in the Media Center. 


    Damage and Fine Process.

    • First damage swap – notify parent and swap the device – no fine 
    • Second damage swap – notify parent and assess the appropriate fine 
    • Third damage swap – school admin will decide if student is allowed to take their device home each day


    • Lost charger – 30.00
    • Damaged (unusable) device – 100.00
    • Lost or stolen device – 250.00

    If a student loses/damages a charger or laptop please send them to the Media Center. The Media Center will give the student all the parts they need for a working device so they can remain engaged in the learning environment.

  • Troubleshooting:

    1. Issues logging in?

    Students should only use their Student ID# and password when logging onto the Dell laptop.  The last line should read "Sign in to:  FCBOESTU"  If the below image does not match what the student sees when attempting to log onto the laptop, the student should take the laptop immediately to the Media Center for assistance.   

    1. Touchscreen not working?

    Check to ensure all Microsoft updates have been installed.  After Microsoft updates have been applied and the devices has restarted, please wait for 2 minutes.  After a couple of minutes check to see if the touch screen is working properly.  If the touch screen still does not respond, please take the laptop to the Media Center for assistance. 

    1. Headphones not working?

    The user should try a couple possible solutions first:

      1. Test the computer with a different set of known working headphones.  The issue could be the original headphones are not working properly.
      2. When the user connects headphones to the headphone jack a pop-up window may appear.  The user should select "Headphones" then "OK".  Please DO NOT add the checkmark (√) in the box next to "Don't show this dialog again".  Sometimes users select the wrong input device causing the audio not to play correctly via the headphone jack. 

     4. DRC testing app or Global Protect home icon missing?

    Please take the device to the Media Center for assistance.  

picture of the dell latitude 3300 student laptop
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