• Carpool

    Please have your car tag visible when you arrive in the carpool line. 


  • Changes in Dismissal

    Changes in dismissal must always be communicated with your child's homeroom teacher at the start of his/her school day.

    • Change of dismissal form or a handwritten note from home for each child should be provided to the teacher in the morning. If a note has not been sent at the beginning of the day to your child's teacher, you must call the front desk (470) 254-7005. We are no longer accepting change of dismissal via email. The note should include the following, child’s name, teacher name, date and dismissal change. It should be provided on the first day of the change not in advance.
    • All early checkouts must be completed prior to 2:00 p.m.
    • Fulton County Policy: Students will ride on assigned buses, board, and disembark at their designated stop. Parents must request in writing any emergency exception from this rule to the Transportation Department. Please contact the Transportation Department directly for permission to ride another school bus. Transportation telephone number is (470)254-2970.
  • Buses