Media Center Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Haynes Bridge Middle School Media Program is to support the mission of the school by promoting literacy and reading, providing relevant and current resources, and teaching students how to be effective and ethical user of information.

MC Hours



    Students may email Mrs. Farooqi ( or Mrs. Beshr ( if they have any questions regarding physical books/online book checkouts or any recommendations you may have.

  • READO - Students will complete the READO by reading 5 boxes horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

    You will get a treat each time you complete one box and you will get a prize for completing the 5 boxes:-) In order for you to be eligible you will have to do one of the following: write a brief summary, complete the book review, or do the flip for each box.

Book Review Forms

  • Do you have a book you just love and want to share with others? Complete the form that is available in the media center, online form below, or Flip and tell us why we should read it.


    • Students will complete IRT form every day,  and when the form is completed (front and back) students will bring it to the media center to receive a treat.

    • After completing a book, students will log in onto their Reading Log and when they have 10 books logged they will receive a treat.

    • Students who will participate in READO will receive treats and prizes for completing 5 boxes each time. 

    • Students who participate in Monthly Themes will receive treats.

    • Students who will complete the book review and flip will receive a treat and these will be used during morning announcements to promote books and IRT.


  • Students can come to the media center during recess or morning time to do the Makerspace Activities or Read! You should have a signed pass from your teacher if you are coming during the recess. You can also use this as your PBIS incentive if your teacher allows.


Checkout Policy

  • Students may have 1  item checked out at a time for a period of 2 weeks.  You don't have to wait for 2 weeks to return the book. You can return the book as soon as you are done and get another book. Students may renew items if you need more than two weeks. 

    2 books

Checking Out Books and Databases

The Media Specialist

  • Mrs. Aysha Farooqi

    Mrs. Farooqi


    Phone: 470-254-8398

    Degrees and Certification: 

    B.S. (Math and Computer Science)

    Masters in Instructional Technology

The Media Parapro

  • Mrs. Reham Beshr

    Mrs. Beshr


    Degrees and Certifications:

     B.S.(Science and Agriculture)