WCES - Home of the Wolves

School Data

  • Grades:

    School Day:

    Nave Blue, Kelly Green and White


    Pathway to Success

    Average Enrollment:
    SY23 - 800

Our School Theme:

  • Our schoolwide theme this year is L.E.A.D. - Leaders Encourage and make A Difference! Students and staff are all charge with Blooming Where They Are Planted this year. This year we will all L.E.A.D. in our respective areas and help move our school from GREAT to Greater! We are excited to see each and every Wolf Creek stakeholder L.E.A.D. this year. We are looking forward to partnering with you as we promote excellence and leadership in our school.

School Traffic Guidance:

  • Campus Entrance:

    Wolf Creek ES is a right turn ONLY facility. The encouraged traffic pattern for access to our facilities Front Office and visitor parking is as follows:

    1. Take Stonewall Tell Road to South Fulton Parkway

    2. Turn right onto South Fulton Parkway

    3. Turn right onto Derrick Road

    4. Turn right onto campus at 4440 Derrick Road, Wolf Creek ES


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